We couldn’t think of a better person to be around in a case of an emergency than Dwayne The Rock Johnson. The man is not only an on-screen superhero, but he also has the build and persona to be a real-life hero for some. Many might be surprised, but he wasn’t born with it, he worked and continued to work on that every day.

In his recent Instagram post, former WWE Champion, and Hollywood superstar showed the world that being a hero won’t come by itself. You need to practice, especially if the situation revolves around our children.

Under the photo on his official Instagram account, Johnson wrote the following: “You hope there’s never an emergency where you never have to deploy the skill. Since we have another baby girl on the way – I wanted to make sure myself, my family, and our staff took another choking prevention and CPR course on infants, children, and adults.”

People’s Champ is ready to do whatever it needs to be prepared if an emergency arises for his family. But, he’s also willing to share this with the world and make other people think the same way. Considering he has 100 million followers on Instagram only, there’s no better way to use his social media presence than this.

Dwayne continued by saying: “Highly recommend you guys do it because never know what may happen and it’s always best to be ready.”

These days when social networks are used in various ways, it’s good to see that one of the world’s most famous figures is ready to turn people’s attention to the matter such as CPR.

But, The Rock being The Rock didn’t miss the chance to make a little joke to amuse the fans. In conclusion of his post, Dwayne wrote: “For the record, this baby is not real and not mine. My babies come out much browner. And cuter.” The hashtag he used was #IOnlyMakeGirls. Classic Dwayne Johnson.


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