The Rock Has Perfect WM Opponent For Rusev! Guess Who?!


Rusev, The Bulgarian Brute, with his Rusev Day act is currently one of the most popular figures on Smackdown Live. But, despite this, he doesn’t have a match scheduled for Wrestlemania 34 at the moment. The biggest show of them all will occur on April 8th at the Mercedes-bend Superdome in New Orleans. So, there’s still time for him to find an opponent, and he’s working on it.

The most important thing for every wrestler during the spring of every year is to appear at Wrestlemania. Rusev didn’t want for his chance to slip up and decided to challenge any celebrity interested via twitter. The proposition is a one-on-one match, fair and square.

Rusev wrote: “I need a celebrity to fight me at #WrestleMania34!”

When Dwayne The Rock Johnson answered him, we were hoping that he’s putting himself in the ring vs. Rusev, but that wasn’t the case. Instead, Dwayne had an even better suggestion – his Jumanji: Welcome to The Jungle co-star Kevin Hart.

The Rock wrote a replay on Twitter: “Kevin Hart. He’ll put you over but you gotta kayfabe his STD.”

To which Rusev replayed: “Celebrities seem to come prepared!They have a great WM win/loss record…”

The conversation would have got even more interesting if Kevin Hart joined in, but so far he failed to respond to Dwayne or Rusev.

But, the name that keeps popping up as the celebrity that could face Rusev is Stephen Amell. The Arrow actor has wrestling experience as he was a part of a SummerSlam tag team match. Amell appeared as the part of independent wrestling faction called Bullet Club. But, unlike Kevin Hart, he did respond to Rusev challenge; unfortunately, he showed no interest in being part of the Wrestlemania match vs. Rusev.

“Please stop suggesting me. I am terrified of this person.” – Amell wrote on Twitter.

The list of suggestion got longer with every passing hour, and now it includes names such as Mario Lopez (Saved by the bell), Sal Vulcano who is a comedian, and Charlie Day (It’s always sunny in Philadelphia).

Rusev probably saw all of these names, but he is yet to make a challenge to any of them. If Bulgarian Brute gets to fight a celebrity at the biggest show of the year, he will probably extend his Wrestlemania winning streak which currently stands at 2-0.

In recent weeks he was feuding with Shinsuke Nakamura, but he probably won’t face Japanese wrestler who has a WM match scheduled vs. AJ Styles.

What do you think, who will fight Rusev at Wrestlemania?