The Mysterious World of Cannabis Online Dating


Online dating is a pretty popular way to meet new people nowadays. In fact, the latest statistics show that 40% of Americans are active users of dating websites and apps. There are hundreds and thousands of dates every day in the world. Some people are looking for companionship, while others are actively seeking relationships.

There is a common pattern for online dating. Matching with decent-looking people, chatting for a while and arranging a date. It’s a new era, so movie night or dinner at the restaurant doesn’t work right now. People are usually going to grab some drinks in the bar. Alcohol helps to reduce stress, be more chatty and have ‘fun.’ A few drinks can also lead to sex on the first date. The result of the study conducted by American addiction centers resource proved it. 51% of participant had sex with people whom they barely knew after five and more drinks. We can only wonder about the quality of participants’ one-night-stands.

People do want to spend time with each other. The number of online dating users can speak for itself. At the moment, there are many other online dating apps where people can find partners with the same interests. Weed lovers are developing a whole campaign on cannabis online dating. They urge people to leave Tinder and use cannabis as a substitute for alcohol, especially on the first date.

Cannabis users have different reasons for creating their own community. Some want to share their experience and relax; others want to meet friends or learn the best way to smoke hash.

There are at least ten online dating websites for people who are looking for someone to smoke cannabis with.

Let ’s take a closer look at the mysterious world of cannabis online dating. Its users have definitely something to tell us.

Is that different from Tinder dating?

Users can also match each other on the basis of a few profile pictures. There is also a possibility to add a description about yourself and mention what you are looking for. One thing that differences from classic Tinder dating is that everyone can openly speak about their socially unacceptable preferences – such as smoking weed. If you have ever used Tinder, you could probably see the amount of copy-pasted descriptions. People write how much they like drinking coffee, beer, and wine, thereby hinting to those who swipe right on them ‘invite me for a drink.’ However, users don’t feel comfortable to invite their matches from Tinder to smoke weed. They are simply afraid to get rejected by strangers. From another hand, about 52 % of adult Americans tried pot at least once in their lives. Five your friends out of ten have this kind of experience, but since this psychoactive drug is still illegal, not everyone can openly speak about it.

Who are the users of cannabis online dating?

The ones who are against alcohol

You can buy alcohol in every grocery shop. Some people drink beers or strong alcohol every day. 15 million Americans have an alcohol use disorder. At some point in their lives, they crossed the line with their casual drinking, and it grew into the crucial issue. It is not just a saying.  Around 3.000 people in the United States die because of alcohol poisoning every year. Can you even imagine how many people die from alcohol-related diseases?

Let’s not forget about the hangovers, vomiting and other unpleasant things that are connected to drinking alcohol. Of course, not everyone has this kind of negative impact on their physical condition. However, some people need more than two drinks in order to become careless and brave. The aftermath of drinking a lot always looks pretty terrible.

No wonder, some people decide to turn to other substitutes. Weed can also help to relax, become more easy-going, and laugh for no reason. However, there is no such thing as pot hangover or weed overdose, but it is still illegal. Well, the alcohol industry in the United States makes approximately $90 billion by selling ethanol that improves our sociability. It is no surprise that cannabis is still illegal. Alcoholic beverages companies won’t benefit out of it.

The ones who like laughing

Laughing is not only a pleasant thing, but it is also very healthy since it is a natural antidepressant. It can increase your immune cells, help to relieve stress and reduce blood pressure. It is especially good for people who are living with hypertension (high blood pressure).

Laughter can also connect people because it helps to show a positive attitude towards each other. It’s impossible to hate someone once you laugh with them. Cannabis makes smokers laugh a lot. Smoking stimulates brain areas that are associated with laughter. So, it makes it easier to laugh at anything. That’s why users of cannabis online dating like the concept of smoking weed on the first date.

The ones who want better sex

The rule of three dates doesn’t work nowadays. Some people use online dating for ‘fun’ assuming there will be sex on the first date. Alcohol and drugs do improve sex drive. However, some people prefer weed over vodka or tequila. In the case of alcohol, men are not always able to perform well in bed. First of all, sometimes they can’t maintain an erection. Secondly, it is difficult for men to last longer in bed. Women and drinking also don’t always work together. On one hand, the couple of beers can increase sexual desire and make girls more easy-going. From another hand, women have difficulties with having orgasms after drinking.

When it comes to cannabis and sexual intercourse, the situation looks pretty different. Weed is a natural aphrodisiac, that’s why it increases smoker’s libido so easily and lowers inhibitions. Apart from that, it improves sensitivity. Cannabis lovers can feel every touch, and they become more emotional. Unprofessional massage can also feel very good since smoking weed triggers dopamine release (‘happy hormone’) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) can increase overall sensory perception.

So, both partners can feel intense orgasms. One important thing to mention is that weed can slow time down. So, its users can truly feel every minute of their lovemaking.

The ones who want to relax

Dating can be stressful. Not everyone feels comfortable with new people. It can be caused by low-self esteem,  inability to trust or stress.

Cannabis can help its users to cope with stress and relax your body. Tetrahydrocannabinol creates a sense of euphoria by increasing the dopamine level. Cannabis users know about it and choose specific online dating apps in order to find people who think the same way.

In some cases, doctors even recommend weed for their patients in case of insomnia and depression. However, it is still not a common practice in many countries.

The ones who want to fall in love

There is a connection between THC and love hormone – oxytocin. Falling in love after smoking pot can be pretty easy since weed boosts affection. Let’s not forget that weed is also called ‘love drug.’ Cannabis online dating users can enjoy sexual intercourse together and forget about fighting. They share the same experience, and it can bond them together.

Cannabis smokers don’t want to be ashamed of their hobby and their views of the world. That’s they are looking for people with the same interests. Entirely possible, stoners will be able to meet their soul mates who understand them and have the same lifestyle.

There is nothing wrong with Tinder. Online dating users can meet new friends or even future Mr. or Mrs. Right. However, stoners are happy to have a good alternative. Weed friendly apps and websites help users to express themselves and not be afraid of prejudice and social judgment. It’s their choice, and they want to be respected. It looks like a peaceful community. Cannabis users didn’t want to bother people on different online dating websites and created their own world instead.

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