The Man in the High Castle – Season 3 News & Updates


Good news for all The Man In The High Castle fans – the show has been renewed for Season 3. Now, let’s have a look at what we’ll have an opportunity to see.

When it comes to the cast, John Hans Tester signed on for a recurring role of Dr. Josef Mengele, an infamous Nazi physician. A new member of the cast will be Jason O’Mara in the role of Wyatt Price, an Irish man whose family escaped to New York when the Nazis started to dominate. Furthermore, Michael Gaston’s recurring role will be promoted to a series regular, which means that we’ll be watching Mark Sampson, a hardware store owner, quite often.

As far as The Man in the High Castle Season 3 release date is concerned, the series doesn’t have a confirmed date yet, but it can be expected in late 2017, judging by the release dates of the previous two.


There was no true showrunner after the departure of Spotnitz and Amazon has finally found one. It will be Eric Overmyer, who is also executive produced Amazon’s famous drama series Bosch.

Moreover, the actors and producers talked in an interview what Season 3 might look like. Bella Heathcote, who stars as Joe Blake’s love interest said that she would want her character to be a feminist who wanted to change the regime. Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, who plays Trade Minister Tagomi told that all they needed to do was to put the best of what the east was and the best of what the west was and they would be unstoppable.

Finally, everyone is interested in whether the Season 3 would go to other parts of the world, or what the final fate of Frank would be, but also what will happen to Ed and Childan. However, all the questions will be answered once the show returns for Season 3, which will be very soon, hopefully.