The Future Doesn’t Look Good For Enzo Amore?


Just over a year ago, Enzo Amore and Big Cass made their main roster debut after being one of the most popular tag teams in the world back in the NXT. They were over with the crowd from day one as both of them had something unique about them that made the fans support the duo. Their great work on the mic is something that helped them a lot, especially when it comes to Enzo Amore.

Now, they are split up and both of them are trying to go their separate ways. Looking back at their run on Raw as a tag team, it seems that WWE dropped the ball with them. Amore is now on his own and it really doesn’t look like he is going to be successful. Just a couple of weeks ago, Roman Reigns kicked him off the bus as he was really loud on the phone, talking bad about the business and many of his colleagues wanted him to stop with it.

Then, there was JBL on the Network show talking about odds really being stacked for Enzo Amore. With the way he has been booked, there is no way that he is going to enjoy a lot of success on the main roster. There has even been a lot of talk about him going back to the NXT as a way of getting some attention for that brand and as a way to sell tickets for the shows.

That would be a big step down for Amore, but it seems that his career is not going to go in and upward direction any time soon. The other option would be putting him on 205 Live, which is at least better than the NXT as he would remain on the main roster.