Fat burning supplements elicit a controversial debate. They are often supplements targeting increased metabolism and hence, are touted to burn fat, reduce fat absorption and hence, on overall, promote fat loss. However, what people fail to understand is that fat loss supplements by themselves cannot do much. The aid in the process of weight loss and to see results, you need to drop the notion that they are miracle solutions instead of catalysts. When you use fat loss supplements with other weight loss techniques such as consuming fewer calories and adopting the right fitness routine, you will see faster results.


Therefore, weight loss supplements are quite effective when used in tandem with exercise and better diet and nutrition. Also, these supplements are great for when you reach the weight loss plateau, and the weight loss numbers are not increasing. Finally, they are great when you are trying to lose weight for health reasons. However, to avoid choosing the wrong supplements, choose those that have minimal ingredients in them such that the main ingredients are in a higher percentage for more significant results. Here are a few of the top picks of supplements to aid in fat loss.

  • Caffeine

You may have been consuming a lot of coffee and wondering why you aren’t losing weight if caffeine is a fat loss supplement. However, remember in supplement form, caffeine such as Vivarin offers a more effective result. This supplement is associated with a slew of health benefits such as fat oxidation to increase energy due to antioxidants. Caffeine also stimulates the central nervous system in the body to burn stored fat for energy and calcium. This helps in muscle contraction. It also helps burn more calories during your workout and eat less afterward. However, do not exceed 400mg of caffeine ass this can increase insulin sensitivity which can cause weight gain and also, can increase anxiety as well as the risk for cardiovascular disease.

  • Carnitine Plus

To promote fat loss, you need to stimulate your body to produce more energy through fat-burning. When your body burns fat, this results in fat loss and hence allows you to lose weight and attain the kind of body you desire. Carnitine Plus increases the level of L-carnitine a compound that results from amino acids synthesis. This helps in promoting fat utilization as well as exercise performance. It also enhances the health of your cardiovascular system and also, promotes muscle recovery.

  • Glutamine


This is also a great supplement aimed at increasing the body’s glutamine levels. Glutamine is an amino acid found majorly in the muscles. It aids in muscle repair, a healthy gut as well as in blood sugar stabilization. Taking glutamine supplements also promotes glucose metabolism which helps to increase the rate at which you lose weight.


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