The Evolution of The Rock’s Style Over The Years


29How The Rock’s Style Changed Over The Years

When you take a look at Dwayne Johnson in the mid-90s and now, you are going to see a huge difference in his style and his look. Back then, he was a wrestler that was trying to get on the map. Today, he is the biggest star in the Hollywood.

When he was with the WWE, he was wearing all kinds of shirts that were always unbuttoned and were often in crazy colors. Outside of the ring, we know him as the guy who was regularly seen in tight sweaters and turtle-neck sweaters.

Sweaters were his signature choice for a very long time. Sometimes, they were quite funny like the one he wore back in 2001 when he was promoting his movie The Mummy Returns.

After he decided to go bald and own that look, he started dressing a bit edgier. The sweaters have been replaced by the suits and the leather jacket.

Everybody knows that the leather jacked always looked good on him. From time to time, he would go back to some funny stuff like the scarf that he wore back in 2005 when he was at the London premiere.

Still, this was the new Rock in the late 2000s. Suits, jackets, and nice shirts were something that we got used to. The suits weren’t elegant, but they still looked good on him.

There is no doubt that he stepped up his suit game as the years went on. Now, you can see him in a three-piece beauty. Sometimes, he even looks like one of the mafia guys.

When he went bald again in the 2010s, it was for good. He also got a lot bigger, which made a lot of stuff, that he picked to wear, look even better. Polo t-shirts are something that he utilized very well.

Overall, we can say that his clothes are way more stylish now than they were back in the day. Simple suits have been replaced by the elegant ones, while there are no more funny sweaters and shirts. The Rock has done a great job evolving his style.