House cleaning. It is not a task that anyone likes to perform and though it can be relaxing from time to time, doing it on a regular basis is energy and time taking. If you don’t know that, ask your mother or wife, and they will be sure to confirm it. Yet, house cleaning is necessary, and if you want to live in a healthy house environment, it has to be done at least a few times a month. And let’s not forget that choosing the right cleaning tools is important no matter what you plan to clean.

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Although some people might think that house cleaning is nothing more other than using a vacuum and swiping the floor with a mop it is much more to that. There are many essential products that you should have in order for the house cleaning to be as effective as you would like. Most of the products are easy to find, and come at a modest price so it should not be a problem – and believe us these help you a lot. Let’s take a look!

What Are The Essentials For House Cleaning

As mentioned above, house cleaning isn’t something one would opt for doing every day, so making it as easy and time-saving as possible is crucial. Let’s see what are the essential products you will need for effective house cleaning:

  1. Let’s start with a common house ingredient, and that is white vinegar. As SwiftClean and other agencies providing cleaning services suggest, this simple acid works like a charm when it comes to house cleaning. It is great for removing any grease, odor or dust from fabric, carpets or any unpolished furniture. Along with that, it seems to work better with glass than some professional cleaners and doesn’t leave that nasty wax. One bottle of white vinegar costs around $3, so what are you waiting for?
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  1. One of the things that makes cleaning much more effective is microfiber cloth. Buying these in bulk will save you from troubles, as unlike cotton ones these absorb the liquid better and hold dirt as well. You can reuse and wash them multiple times, and top of everything using this cloth is absolutely eco-friendly!
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  1. Along with a microfiber cloth, you should think about getting disinfectant wipes. These are perfect for bathroom and kitchen cleaning and save you tons of time that you would waste making that sink or top look shiny and perfect.
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  1. Of course, a thing that you have to use when cleaning your house is rubber gloves. These protect your hands from the chemical products and make the whole experience much more comfortable.
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  1. Believe us getting an all-purpose cleaner is a great choice and it can be applied in almost every part of your flat. From walls to floors, it works with every surface and material.
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  1. Don’t forget getting a few pairs of good brushes (even toothbrushes work) is essential if you want to scrub off all that nasty stains.
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  1. Last, but not least are the spray bottles. A couple of plastic ones are absolutely fine, and you will need these as a much better alternative to the plastic buckets. An excellent thing to mix your cleaner and water in.
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What Are The Alternatives

At the end of the day, if you are not a fan of cleaning the house by yourself, you can also hire an agency to do it for you. There are tons of those online, and SwiftClean situated in Santa Barbara is a great example. If you hire an agency like this one, you are sure to get a deep and thorough cleaning of your house. From the oven and kitchen sink to the living room, bathroom and shower, and even the entrance hall everything will look like brand new. It isn’t expensive either, and the work will be done in a matter of hours!


As you might have realized throughout the article when equipped well house cleaning isn’t that hard, but it still demands time and energy. If you are too busy or simply don’t want to get into it, no worries, the house cleaning agency will do it for you!


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