The Devil Is a Part-Timer!” is an anime series highly popular and extraordinary, beginning with its title, which simply lures you into watching it and seeing what happens. This adventurous anime series was released in 2013 and gained quite a success in various countries immediately. Therefore it came as no surprise its fans were craving for Season 2 the same moment Season 1 ended. However, much time has passed since then, and nothing regarding its production has been mentioned. Nonetheless, its biggest fans are still waiting for the good news.

Plot and summary

This mystic parody anime series is a story about the distant universe where Satan is the Prince of Darkness, and his trouble lies in the fact that he was overthrown. Apart from that, he and his first mate were forced to go through the portal to our world. The one in charge of that was a brave warrior Emilia, followed by a group of the best soldiers of humanity. They did this because these creatures are in our world in the bodies of people, which means they have no magic in them, hence they need to lead the same lives as normal humans do. They have to work, buy food, rent an apartment, do all daily chores everyone else does. An interesting fact is that Satan named Sadao Mao is pretty successful in his career and even climbs the career ladder easily.

The Devil Is a Part-Timer Season 2 Release Date

If we look back at 2014, it was even then announced there would be the continuation of “The Devil Is a Part-Timer!” at the beginning of 2015, but it wasn’t realized. Although it’s been some time since Season 1 ended, it doesn’t exclude the production of Season 2. We are all hoping that it will be produced and delivered as soon as possible.