Following the end of The Curse Of Oak Island, Season 4 that left fans puzzled there came a rumor that Season 5 might not even be filmed. What a blow to numerous fans of this TV Show, all they can do now is to wait and see whether they will enjoy their favorite reality for another season. Even though there is a hefty amount of fans of the show, it is yet to be seen whether the season 5 will be aired or not because there is still no confirmation. Some claim that producer of ‘Curse of Oak Island’ spoke out on this matter saying that there is a high probability of sequel. However, we need to take this information with a grain of salt considering that it is not official!

The final episode of Season 4 left us puzzled. Even though it lasted for 90 minutes, all the fans got were hints and no answers to their questions. Looking at it now they have spent a huge sum of money, and on top of that, they put ten years of their lives into it. And yet they have no idea of what is going on there. Lagina brothers say that they are not ready to give up yet, but a question arises. Is it really worth it? Many think that it is time to pull the plug.

At this moment there are many possibilities when it comes to Marty and Rick Lagina. They have the option to end it all and carry on with their lives since they haven’t signed a contract. No doubt that this has taken a toll on them since they are separated from their families almost half of the year. Or, they can continue with the Curse of Oak Island and bring joy to thousands of fans for another year. The decision they are facing is gigantic. And that is a decision they will have to make.

Producer Kevin Burns also spoke out on this matter and even though he said that it looks promising it is still not confirmed. He claimed that every year just before the end of the season they stumble upon a huge break and that it is one of the reasons behind the final episode lasting so much. However, he also sympathizes with Lagina brothers as he realizes that these ordinary men are not so fond of TV time.

“They didn’t approach us. They are not eager television personalities.” He also went on to add that they are modest and didn’t really want to become celebrities since the producers approached them, not the other way around.

“They’re very humble, particularly Rick. Four or five months away from their families and the conditions can be very grueling, and Marty and Rick are wonderful guys…” When asked whether the season 5 is needed he said: “I think you could do 10 years on this show and you could find lots of things and lots of treasure, and I would still not be convinced that’s all there is to the story.”

However, not everyone shares Kevin’s opinion since ‘TV Overmind’ published a completely different story on the matter. Rick and Marty have been separated from their families almost too long. Tons of dollars were eaten up by the show. Even though they don’t share the same optimism that Kevin does they agreed with his words claiming that the show has many stories yet to tell us. Online media speculated that the show is over because Burns said that they are not ready to come back for another year. Remember that they just interpreted his words, nothing is final yet. We’ll just have to wait and find out for ourselves.

What do you think about this? Would you like to see the season 5? Do you think that brothers should keep trying? Is it alright to end it and move on? Let us know in the comments section below.


  1. I’m with Cristi, Rick and Marty have stirred us all up. We want answers just as much as they do. I love this show! Please do season 5 Rick and Marty!

  2. I don’t care What people think or say OAK ISLAND is a good show with good content go Rick and Marty and the team Guys don’t listen to the But Heads some of us look forward to each new show and hope you do find what you are looking for Good Luck Guys there are ALOT of folks out here who are rutting for you GUYS

  3. I don’t know if Rick and Marty have any idea what they have stirred in the hearts and minds of their fans. My husband and I have never missed an episode. We are not even into reality TV but The Curse of Oak Island is different. You’ve taught us history, renewed our excitement with our imaginations with knights, pirates and treasure! And, you’ve left us in AWE, wondering how such complicated things were engineered so long ago.
    Rick and Marty, we appreciate your families and businesses have a hard time giving you up for 4 months of the year. However, we also think you have a responsibility to your fans and to the Province of NS who have been supportive of you. You are smart men! If you cannot afford the time perhaps the younger people in the team could begin taking on bigger roles with you appearing now and then, even via video feed as Marty has done many times. Somehow, I can’t imagine you are ready to give up on Oak Island yet either, at least “without regret.” Your fans sure aren’t.
    We are in New Brunswick, just a few hours from Oak Island. You have romanticized a little corner of Atlantic Canada and we yearn to know the end of the story. Without you, though we live so close, is that possible?

  4. I will be extremely disappointed if the show ends for any reason except that the brothers and their partners feel it is time to quit. They have invested mega bucks and I would expect that personal relationships have suffered as they search for reasons behind all the clues to date. Will they ever find all the answers and all the “treasure(s)” who knows but it would be a fitting end if they found anything concrete. For me this is reality TV at its best. Not some fantasy depiction of real life where the cutting room and producers decide not only the tone but the end result. Life does not always have a clear winner, money makes too much of the world go around, I view this series as much of an Agatha Christie story, twists, turns, unexpected highs and lows but eventually some glimmer of the truth will out.

  5. For the love of all things holy do not stop brothers. I think they should start a fundme and i would contribte. Please dont stop i am living vicariously though you two.

  6. Please don’t end it now and leave it in the middle. There is obviously something down there and Rick and Marty and the rest of the team we have grown to know and love are going to find it! PLEASE,PLEASE do a Season 5!

  7. Not everything that glitters is good. Yes, i would like to see them come back, however what is most important, is what they think. Remember they are the ones that have to sacrifice their time away from their families. Relationships are more important than riches. Now if their families can make it through the months when they are separated, then that’s great. Ultimately they have to figure that out with their loved ones, but i still am intrigued enough to see them have a go at it again.

  8. I live for this! I’ve read many books on the subject because of the show and I love the mystery of it all÷

  9. Certainly hope The Curse Of Oak Island show continues. The Lagina brothers have certainly approached solving this mystery with a all encompassing approach. They do not rule out any of the theories of who could have buried a treasure on Oak Island and why. They have been respectful and inclusive to the people that have been trying to solve this mystery for most of their lives . I like that aspect of their approach . The show gives you a very comprehensive history of who and how others have tried to solve this over 200 year search to solve the mystery. The fact is some one dug a very deep pit about 200 feet deep ,employed engineering that was state of the art when it was done .They incorporated flood tunnels that booby-trapped the pit . The booby-trapping worked as it prevented searchers getting to whatever is at the bottom of the pit . So whatever was placed at the bottom of the pit is still there .I for one would like to know what it is . Five years is actually a short time when you look at 200 years of people trying to solve this mystery. So I feel this search and show should continue until the mystery is solved .


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