4Fifth season’s scariest episode


Do you believe that there really is a curse on Oak Island? Or maybe it was just an accident that happened at the right time and in the right conditions? We won’t point you in any direction, but you have to know this. During the filming of the upcoming episode, a scary thing happened. As the drilling crew did their work, suddenly a high-pressure hose burst and torpedoed a member of the team right to the ground. The crew couldn’t get the situation under control in the beginning since the hose went wild and could have injured anyone nearby.

The sneak peek


As you can see in the sneak peek, a crew member’s helmet is flying in the air, but we can’t see him since our vision is obstructed by a large cloud of dust. Moments later he is seen lying on the ground as Rick and others rush to his aid. In the video, we can clearly see that the man is moving and groaning, but there is no news on his current condition. After that, an ambulance arrives to take him to the ER. We really want to see what happened to him and hopefully, this episode will reveal exactly that.


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