One of our favorite TV Show Realities, The Curse Of Oak Island is currently in its fourth season, and the just recently ninth episode has been aired. Unfortunately, we might have bad news for all the fans of this series as there is still no information about the Season 5.

Rumors and speculations are saying that this reality could be canceled and as we did not get any info about the next season this could really happen. Even this is quite a popular TV Show we could hear many comments about its slow pace and the fact that so little things have been discovered during the last season. As a result, many fans have stopped watching it but still we see good numbers when it comes to ratings.

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Another concern that should be addressed is the fact that some fans and even critics suggested that everything is fake and that a lot of things have been staged. This includes many of those findings that were always announced as groundbreaking but at the end, nothing happens and mystery is still far from solved.

On the bright side, if we can call it bright side, there is a possibility for Rick and Marty Lagina finally to unravel the mystery of Oak Island. If this happens during the fourth season, it would pretty much mean that it is the final season and that there will be no Season 5. Many fans would love to see the closure and for the crew to find a treasure or whatever has been stored in the Money Pit and other interesting locations on the island.

If the series end and we get the answer to the mystery that is hidden by the Oak Island or at least one part of it, we might see Lagina brothers taking on some other endeavor. What do you think that will happen with The Curse Of The Oak Island? Will there be Season 5? Will they cancel the show?


  1. Remember what George said about the show ‘Seinfeld’…”It’s a show about nothing”. Well likewise for this ‘show’.

  2. I wasted 4 years watching this bogus show where they find nothing and constantly rehash what happened in other episodes! End this stupid waste of time already! And take Bering Sea Gold with it!

  3. Why don’t you get on the next season and give them your expert advice lol. What a whiner – if you don’t like the show don’t turn it on. SMH

  4. The draw of treasure hunting brings viewers in. But its been 4 years now and things are beginning to grind on my nerves. Too many wild goose chases that end up with nothing but conjecture and more guesses. All these tend to do is muddy the already murky waters. Then there are these so called experts. The only experts they need are people who have been there on the island and did work. They can give them insight as to what was where and help with locations. Now there is only one left, Dan Blankenship. The metal detector “expert” doesn’t seem very expert at all. He calls a railroad spike a decking nail. He calls a copper button a gold coin. More lost faith. This so called doctor Louise “expert” was clueless. No true expert can look at something cold and make a determination as to what it is. It takes a lot of research, which takes a lot of time. Her analysis if the Gold cross was a total fail. The cross was flawless. Yet she is going to sit there and present that the holes held gems and they were pushed out. Really? All of the edges of the holes are perfectly smooth. If anyone attempted to pry or push gems out of the holes there would be a lot of tool damage. She also failed on the spike. It cannot be a deck nail if its from the 1600’s or 1700’s as she presented. Deck nails were round with round heads until the 1800’s. So that makes the item useless as they need items dating to the earlier dates. Deck spikes were much shorter as well, about 4 inches. That’s is a full 6 inches minimum, and at least an inch square.

    The whole history of this treasure makes no sense. Here we are in the 2016 and 2017 years. We have modern equipment galore. Not even it can get down as deep as some of these stories say treasure hunters did in the 1600’s with shovels and pick axes. How in the heck were Templars or whom ever supposed to dig by hand with crude tools down to 200 feet, then make a flood tunnel back up at an angle to the bay? This makes no sense. Bury it as deep as reasonably possible with the tools and equipment of the period. I think if there is any treasure, its buried at a more reasonable and reachable depth. The one coin they found was found at the surface. A few other minor things were found at or near the surface. Further, you have these treasure hunters digging down into what they call the money pit. There down a good distance and placing bracing and cribbing as they go to prevent a collapse. They already know that a side shaft was attempted at great depth and it caused flooding of the money pit. Soon afterward they hear two instances of rumbling. They know the cribbing and supports they installed had collapsed into the bottom of the dig. Now today they are all getting boners because they are pulling up wood beams. Ya think? This is stupid.

    More things that make no sense. They have flooding. They hear story of a series of channels near the cove which are the beginning of a flood tunnel or as they call it a trap. They fuss around and find cocoa nut fibers and they date to the right period. So they put up a coffer dam, and dig down and find what they think are the beginnings of these man made channels. Ok so they cannot go toward the sea, lets pack up and leave. Really?? Why not dig inland and see if you can cut off the flow of sea water???? These guys waste more opportunities than a drunk on free hooker night. They did the same thing with the swamp. They tried one area, found the spike and a board then left. They are on a very limited permit, wouldn’t you continue to explore while the permit was active???

    So the show has become frustrating. They get excited over nothing, then find out they have nothing, and get all disappointed. They run wild goose chases constantly which always led to nowhere. none of them know what they are looking at half the time and its obvious to the viewer what it is. They bring up a corner piece last night with square holes in it. That was interesting. They were like what ever. Idiots, that was attached to a chest to protect the corners. Then they bring up a larger piece of metal and basically ignore it. Then comes up a thick metal piece bent at a right angle with LARGE holes drilled in it. They’re all looking at it saying I dunno. The idiot doctor said it was used to fasten the corners to a treasure chest. Really? The piece is so thick, and the holes would indicate bolts that were 1/2 inch in diameter, just to hold a small wooden chest together? Its more likely something early 1900’s treasure hunters used to fasten their bracing or cribbing together with. Frustrating.

  5. No doubt. I’d rather sit through 6 weeks of episodes of this show and they don’t find squat than to sit through even 5 minutes of that creepy midget show.

  6. I got hooked on this show after stumbling over it for the first time last month while channel surfing (we don’t own or watch tv, we were at a hotel)…and wondering what damn movie Richard Gere and Dustin Hoffman were ever in together about treasure hunting ;p

    I was hooked from then on…and now I need them to find something because they made me watch tv again after I swore I never would again.

  7. I love this show, and I really think that the real treasure is in Gal 1, I think the ship is in the swamp and also think they need to look more into the freed slave can’t think of his name right now, but I think it’s gold where he use to live.

  8. I read over on the Huffington Post that this will be the last season. But! The Lagina Brothers ride again! They move on to Apache Junction AZ in hunt for the Lost Dutchmans Gold Mine!

    There gonna set up another war room Office like they call they’re very nice 10 x 12 building they meet him now but this will be in a old closed strip mall that the money bags Brothers buy!

  9. Repeating the same mantra. Do you mean like the names ten x? Money pit? Oak timbers? The curse? Lmao!

  10. Don’t forget the name 10 x. My God they have run that in the ground along with
    “The money pit” “oak timbers”. For four years and every show these names are mentioned over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over Get it?

  11. Wife and I have been in this area on vacation. Hardly anything in the way of blue collar jobs left anymore. When the Lagina brothers Rolldown along with the backers of the show, the fellas you see that are locals running heavy equipment jumped for joy! You can bet on that

  12. I could not agree more with you. I can vividly recall when the history channel 1st came out and I loved it! It’s shows dealt with actual history. It’s all but ruined because most folks in our Nation have short attention spans! It’s like movies. Most suck.

    Wife and I went to see John Wick 2 and halfway through we could wait for it to be over. My God what a body count. It’s nothing. It non stop killing. Over 200 killed. By 1 man.

  13. I have been reading about oak island for years. And I’m not the first to say this for sure but if there was any treasure at any time it has been long gone.

    And no one in their right mind in this century or two centuries ago would go to such trouble to dig and build such a labyrinth of tunnels. Come on.

    Money pit is an excellent name for this. Untold millions have been sunk into this place and lives lost all for nothing. Madness. Pure madness.

  14. I never thought I would join in a discussion like this, but while a little hooked recently on the show, I find it way too staged. Either that or the Lagina brothers are idiots. Like someone commented “targets don’t just disappear”. That “gold” target in the wall of the second hole is not even metal in my eyes. At one point someone talked of crystalline quartz in the area. I feel that is exactly what it is and explains the reflections. If you looked at the color of the water down in that area it explains why the reflection looks gold in color. I think they keep it hanging as the only gold they will find is what they are getting paid by the producers. Best guess is anything that was there was found by that ex-slave potato farmer.

  15. Im hooked like many others but dubious of all the look at this moments at the end of the show ans then next week its Ho Hum nothing there. They spend more time on theories and experts than searching. We will see what turns up last show but when the production foots the bills and stretches out the story Im losing faith in most of these reality shows. The final two hr show will tell if its a fraud, Ive metal detected all my life and big targets don’t disappear just like that its just a matter of patience sorting them out. Like Axmen,The hoffmans,and deadliest catch they are part reality and all scripted drama but the alternative is the news and its to depressing watching our country and heritage being destroyed.

  16. Holy S**t !

    What a bunch of negative ned’s and negative Nancy’s .

    I agree the show runs a tad on the slow side. But this form of reallity television is BY DAMN FAR better than any stinking Kardashian whatever .Or Batchellor or whatever the hell bullshit they put on.

    I think if cable television doesn’t SOON make the switch to choice network selection. Making it so the only channels you pay for are the ones you want. It will go away like the turn dial VHF/ UHF nightmare I remember from my youth.

    I would be willing to bet in another ten to fifteen years more people will get their viewing via laptops or phones or whatever. Television is dying.

    So , yeah it is slow ,The Curse Of Oak Island . But atleast there is a reason for our intrigue. I mean c’mon, what if they do find something amazing down in that earth. It’s obvious by what has been found by previous hunters and these folks now that someone at some point in time in the past. Went through a hell of a lot of trouble to make it seem like there is something down there.

  17. I just started watching this season. I Do NOT watch any reality TV… except for Oak Island. Some are restless, but I am part of the Microwave generation, and this show is so interesting and intriguing. I’m hooked…please don’t cancel. Patience Always Prevails.

  18. The previews of the season finale looks like they find a gold coin in the MP. They also find the corner of a wooden treasure chest. I stuck it out this long one more week won’t kill me.

  19. Oh! You hit the nail on the head, Superfan! That narrator, and his endless repetition, almost sends me straight to bed! What little of actual PROGRAMMING would fir into maybe 20 minutes of the entire hour! My husband DOES go to bed when it comes on!

  20. I was hoping they were going to come up with half of the Ark of the Covenant with that hammer-claw thing, – now that’s entertainment!

  21. I am hoping that they found something significant and that the show continues with a fifth season. I get annoyed as anyone with the History Channel’s influence on the team’s search. Clearly, there are misleading video clips to intrigue viewers. The lack of follow up and bouncing around from site to site raises questions as well. I don’t let that ruin the underlying theme, the quest to solve a difficult mystery. I respect people’s opinions, negative or positive. However, to mock or degrade fans of the show is childish. Television is entertainment. If a particular channel or show does not “float your boat”, don’t watch it. There is no reason to insult those who enjoy the program.

  22. The mystery has been solved. Oak Island is no hiding place for treasure. The “island” is full of shifting sand and canals. The wood & fibers they find are old trees that have fallen in to the numerous sinkholes and can be found quite deep. The holes flood because of the high sand content, and the “booby-traps” are just natural canals that shift in the sand. They have never recovered anything, because no pirates ever recorded burying their treasure, except Capt. Kidd, who hid it from the authorites as he was arrested, and that was dug up during his trial. Also, treasure was divided amongst the crew on pirate ships, amongst men who didn’t know when their last day was coming. So a long term, joint retirement account buried was of little worth to them. There is nothing buried at Oak Island except reality TV episodes that are coordinated to make you watch the next episode like a soap opera, waiting for something to happen. And any artifact uncovered is brought there for effect. A Roman sword ? Come on ! They found a money pit alright, two guys who have made a lot of money spinning out this ridiculous tail in order to get History Channel to pay them. If you can call it a History Channel, when all it really is Pawn Star morons, the pickers who steal from the elderly and a couple other horrible reality shows that run all day. Where are all the great History Channels shows that were on in the 1990’s ? Or TLC ? Or Discovery Channel ? I guess now that the WWII generation has passed on, they figure their aren’t enough people who bother watching, but that doesn’t include me. I’d pay extra to watch the great shows of those channels again. Mostly on You tube, I find this content.

  23. How can the ‘History’ and ‘National Geographic’ channel show so much crap….what a hoax, much like searching for giants, bigfoot and UFOs amongst others. I suppose there must be a gullible audience, but it says something for the credibility of these channels for showing something so scientifically worthless.

  24. Fast forward is the key to tolerating this program. 20 minutes of rehashing previous episodes, 20 minutes commercials, 10 minutes back story to the 10 minuets of content. Its like ADD exploration with no findings. They’re basically digging up a previous filled in construction pit and calling it exploration.

  25. The thing wrong with the show is the narrator. They used the same guy from ancient aliens and the same scripting for what he says and is the number 1 reason of what I hate about both shows.
    He does the stupid , could it be ? Maybe this is true ? and repeats it to the point of sounding like a parrot.

  26. i’m at my families home, and i’m sad that shows like this exist, i mean…OMG, talking about allowing the brain to calcify with stupidicicles. The whole premise is so mother F-ing stupid that I had to jump online and research it to see if I was alone, but no, it’s a F-ing hit show!

  27. One of your favorite shows? Are y’all high over there? The show is unwatchable and I believe just a psychological test to see how many suckered they can pull along until the end of the show. It’s 60 mins of broadcast time with 5 mins Max of actual material. How many times do we have to hear the names of the people involved, the assumption that it might be gold, silver, Shakespeare secret novels, Templar, Indians, Portuguese, Spanish, Pirates, Brits, French, Slaves, Aliens, blah blah blah. Also the stupid supposed images of ‘a box’, a tool, even a body….. The producers of the show should be slapped, and the Laginas must feel guilty by now, unless they have no morals.

    Want to know if anything is ever found? Watch the news, not this crap.

  28. This is the slowest moving show in television history. Everything they’ve done to date could be capsulized in a two-hour special. The worst part is the narration. “Rick and Marty Lagina, along with their friend Craig Tester, as well as partners Don and Dan Blakenship, their dog Coco and hamster Larry, all decided to get together and look at the hole with water in it. It was then decided that Rick and Marty Lagina, their friend Craig Tester, Don and Dan Blankenship, their dog Coco and their son-in-law Joey, would head back to the War Room, and talk about stuff some more.” It must be a show for the blind.

  29. Ancient astronaut theorists believe the solution to the Oak Island Treasure can be found in the heavens. Is it pure coincidence that the planets and stars perfectly align to indicate the money pit is the location of the buried treasure. Is it possible that Rick and Marty, who’ve spent millions of dollars will blow their chance at finding the treasure because they don’t want to risk damaging whatever it is? Or could it be that the stone carving was a cruel joke left by the finders of the original treasure to prevent people from believing the treasure had been found.

  30. It Should be cancelled these guy been running around and their mouth and have NEVER AND I MEAN NEVER found anything worth the cash put into this show. It’s so bad that when the commercial comes on I turn it off. Rick And Marty are pipe dreamers , who sold History a pile of BS and now they will walk away laughing. Worst show I have ever seen on History.. Go back to the Nova Days , fits the title History Channel better . With The Curse Of Oak Island you guys might want to change the name to “History someday we might find something” The four of them are the worst acting with the words:”Look at this” , it may be a coin or a piece of brass , lets dig down another 200 feet and bring in a boat load of heavy equipment that History will pay for. 2 Episodes later they say ” Nothing lets find another spot to dig at”. How many times can you find nothing. Yea think they would go out and buy some junk and bury it were they are digging. Give the people some HOPE AND CHANGE. Makes you want to scream ” Let me out of here “.

  31. why haven’t you shown the box drain location you scanned for ? ( with the scanning equip.we saw you pull over the ground near smiths cove)/ was it not there is the flood water still pouring in ,,,,you show glimpses of gold then nothing is shown on that episode to show that very item ,, so many questions…I love the show,,, please don’t give up…….

  32. I have frequently wondered why they do not do a few things to facilitate the search. First, they should have sealed the excavation caissons with a removable, airtight hatch and then introduced a slightly radioactive, fluorescent dye and pressurized the shaft with enough pressure to force the dye out through the flood tunnels so they could be effectively located visually as well as with geiger counters and then sealed off to prevent flooding.

    Second. they should give the crane operator a direct intercom link to the divers. There is no reason to rely on hand signals. They should also be using an ROV with manipulator arms, a metal detector and pan, tilt and zoom, high resolution color cameras.

    The lift platform they used in 10X was totally wrong for the descent. They should have had a cylindrical shaped lift chair with a cone shaped descent section that would have slipped by any blockage. The pipes and ladder should have been cut off with an underwater torch or remote controlled shear.

  33. I do hope they do not cancel the show! This is the only reality show I will watch!!! Other reality shows are idiotic!!!

  34. I think the whole crew and particularly the two brothers, Marty and Rick Lagina, come across as decent, honest and genuine guys. However, whenever something of interest is found, it is frustratingly not followed up and other possible
    targets get pursued ! Please find something worthwhile soon !

  35. If “Finding” Bigfoot can keep running ad nauseum, then I see no reason why Oak Island can’t, too

  36. This is one of your favorite shows? The endless repetition and speculation? The place is fascinating no doubt,, the show is slow and lame, endless teases with no pay offs, obnoxious overdubbied announcer repeating the same mantra over and over…get a grip.

  37. Yeah they are always about to find something or it looks good, then they end the episode. Then the next week it’s like, oh the detector wrong etc… Well I just watched the diver go down and find some metal hits, episode ends. Every time a commercial break happens they recap so it just eats up time. Maybe better to make a mini series of actual events if they do happen?

  38. Is it possible for you to use correct and complete words and sentences maybe? This entire article gave me a headache

  39. For quite a few people, the treasure of Oak Island has been hidding in plain sight for a while now: Its TV revenues. In other words, the gold has been coming straight from the viewers pockets lately.

    No one can really blame the producers for this. It is… almost fair game. However, you can only squeeze that orange for so long before the facts become obvious. Wether Oak Island’s treasure is truely hidding in the ground or in the viewer’s pocket, the point is becoming moot with time.

    I for one wish good luck to these alchimists either literally looking for gold or for its subliminated essence. As far as this TV show is concerned, I suspect that a sensible percentage of its fan base is ready to jump ship.

  40. Yeah, and the same thing was said last season. We didn’t know there was going to be a season 4 (had no public information) till the summertime.

  41. I hope that they don’t cancel The Curse of Oak Island, this is one of my most favorite of shows. Even if they never find anything or keep you in suspense through out the show just to find nothing. It’s worth it! Be nice to see the Laginas find something of great value. .

  42. yep, the show has been boring since last season. The Narrator is a joke. I think Wm. Ball found the treasure years ago. Since the Lagina’s have so much money to burn, they could share the wealth with me. Silly rich kids with nothing better to spend their money on besides digging up an island in another country. Hummpphh.

  43. I hope not. I really like it. Now I understand that they rarely find anything, but I think what intrigues me is the chase. This is something that people have been trying to find for hundreds of years, Its not surprising that they haven’t found it in a few seasons. As many people say, its not the destination as much as the journey. I like the show and although my kids tease me because each time they find very little if anything, at least its an interesting story, its historical, and there’s a chance, even if just a small chance that they may find something really important. Now, odds are, the Lagina’s will hunt for their treasure regardless of whether they are on a show or not, but if it gets cancelled and then they do find something, some network would lose their proverbial gold mine. Lol Like what I did there?

  44. If finding Bigfoot doesn’t get cancelled and it should, talk about boring why would anyone want to cancel the curse of oak island. Oak island has history and proven facts where Bigfoot doesn’t.

  45. They will find the Holy Grail this coming week, signifying the end of the world so they won’t need a season 5.


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