The Curse Of Oak Island Canceled?


One of our favorite TV Show Realities, The Curse Of Oak Island is currently in its fourth season, and the just recently ninth episode has been aired. Unfortunately, we might have bad news for all the fans of this series as there is still no information about the Season 5.

Rumors and speculations are saying that this reality could be canceled and as we did not get any info about the next season this could really happen. Even this is quite a popular TV Show we could hear many comments about its slow pace and the fact that so little things have been discovered during the last season. As a result, many fans have stopped watching it but still we see good numbers when it comes to ratings.

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Another concern that should be addressed is the fact that some fans and even critics suggested that everything is fake and that a lot of things have been staged. This includes many of those findings that were always announced as groundbreaking but at the end, nothing happens and mystery is still far from solved.

On the bright side, if we can call it bright side, there is a possibility for Rick and Marty Lagina finally to unravel the mystery of Oak Island. If this happens during the fourth season, it would pretty much mean that it is the final season and that there will be no Season 5. Many fans would love to see the closure and for the crew to find a treasure or whatever has been stored in the Money Pit and other interesting locations on the island.

If the series end and we get the answer to the mystery that is hidden by the Oak Island or at least one part of it, we might see Lagina brothers taking on some other endeavor. What do you think that will happen with The Curse Of The Oak Island? Will there be Season 5? Will they cancel the show?