With only a few episodes left in this season of The Curse Of The Oak Island and with no information about this reality show being renewed, there is a possibility for it to get canceled. The base for this speculation is the fact that there are still no details about the sequel.

At this point, Lagina brothers are facing many critics about the slow pace of the show, and it seems that everything regarding the Oak Island mystery could be unveiled in only a few episodes, but somehow they manage to spread it through an already huge number of episodes. As of lately, this is one of the reasons why many fans are losing their interest here.

It is possible that we didn’t hear anything about the new season because the crew maybe found the treasure and unveiled the secrets that are hidden by the island. In that case, we wouldn’t need new episodes, but on the other hand, this island is believed to be the host of more than just one mystery.

Also, if the network and Rick and Marty would say that there will be the Season 5 it would mean that they didn’t find the treasure and we would pretty much know what would happen in the next few remaining episodes of the Season 4. That is something they surely don’t want to happen.

Just recently we have received info that the crew on Oak Island received substantial cash infusion for further exploring meaning that they are not stopping anytime soon. As a result, we might see the sequel of this reality show but at this point, nothing has been confirmed.

It would be a real shame if The Curse Of Oak Island gets canceled and we are sure that it would disappoint a large number of fans. There are few promising leads, and the team is still digging all over the place searching for the treasure, but till now they didn’t have much luck. Will everything end in this season or we will see more of Lagina brothers?


  1. Id like to see it continue too. But it is way to slow and the narrator gets on my nerves they repeat everything after a commercial and tell us who everybody is 100 times. We all know the back story and the modern day characters of the show. If i here thier names one more time going to the war room ill puke. Just get on with it and stop dragging it out until the show is cancelled due to lack of funds.

  2. I am so sadden that the curse is not available. I was so into it and wanted to continue to see what happens. the regular viewers should know if anything was found or what other new adventures were uncovered. PLEASE BRING THE CURSE OF OAK ISLAND BACK Rae-Lee

  3. I would love to see what happens next on the curse of oak island the people that think it is to slow a show don’t understand thier is a long story about it and people have been searching for tresher their for over 100 years I sure hope that the show is not canceled shoot I wish i could I would love to be out thier helping them to find the gold it is a very interesting show hope the new season will start very soon good luck Rick and Marty I am with you I pray you gyes get the tresher found soon wish I were there to help

  4. My parents enjoy it but personally the pace is too slow for me. I feel like a season should be 4 half hour episodes as there isn’t enough context for this much air time.

  5. Hope it is not cancelled ! I really enjoy this show. The boys are just getting started . You must take into account that people have been trying to solve this mystery for centuries .So it will take more time .


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