Everyone is secretly tempted by the excitement, possible high rewards, and risk associated with gambling. Online casinos, like Bitcasino, for example, as well as traditional casinos, attract masses every day. Gambling is naturally controlled and kept reasonably safe by governments and their laws, as it can be easily used to exploit people. These days most countries acknowledge that gambling is not a bad practice, and it many forms completely harmless. However, there are still countries where it is entirely illegal and considered a crime. Let’s talk about places you don’t want to gamble in.

The United Arab Emirates

It is a traveling destination that is getting more popular lately. The United Arab Emirates is a beautiful and wealthy country, but it is also rigorous when it comes to law. All Islamic states prohibit traditional gambling, but many allow or don’t have laws regulating online betting, but not the UAE. Here, any gaming, no matter the form, can be prosecuted. You can spend up to two years in jail for it. The Internet is being precisely monitored, and once the gambling activity is being detected, you are in big trouble. Do make your vacation a much longer stay with breaking the law. Respect the UAE’s culture and get your betting fix somewhere else.



A country where gambling is illegal unless the government grants you special permission. The Common Gaming Houses Act curtails public lotteries, machine-based games, and even Bingo. Betting in sports in Singapore is prohibited, except for three gambling operators (They are Singapore Totalisator Board, Singapore Pools, and Singapore Turf Club.) granted the permission, but controlled pretty heavily by officials. There are only two public casinos in the whole country, making gambling not entirely illegal, but extremely hard to access. There are also new laws blocking people from betting more significant amounts of money. Singapore is a country where if you want to gamble, do prepare yourself for a tough time.



Any gambling activity is considered illegal in Lebanon. This Asian country’s government blocks all forms of betting, online as well. There is one online and one online casino in Lebanon, Casino du Liban, in Jounieh, and it is the only place where you can experience gambling. The access to gambling is so limited that this very casino offers a ship ticket that will take you to international water to be able to play, where the laws are not in effect. It sounds crazy, but the code is harsh, but it is the law, right?



Qatar is another popular traveling destination of recent years on the list, and it is also the strictest when it comes to gambling restrictions. All gambling types here are illegal, including sports betting. Strong laws resulted in the creation of an underground gambling scene present throughout the country. These organizations thrive on limited, but still possible, access to foreign-based online sites. But the government is doing its best to stop illegal activity. Do not gamble in Qatar; it might lead to some severe consequences.


North Korea

This state is considered a dangerous place to go in general. The strict political system, lack of freedom, it all results in restrictions in gambling as well. The ban for gambling is valid for both offline and online casinos. However, the laws are only in place for North Korea’s citizens. If you are a brave visitor, on a guided tour, you can experience gambling. But remember that this country offers only one casino to the tourists. It is located in the capital city of Pyongyang. North Korea feels like a country from a different planet, and equally unique are its gambling laws.



Cambodia has a rich history when it comes to its relationship with gambling. The country is fighting a severe gambling addiction problem among its citizens. That is why today, gambling is banned in most forms throughout Cambodia. The only type of gambling allowed in the five private lotteries that are sponsored by the government. However, once again, the law prohibits gambling activity only among Cambodian citizens, tourists are welcomed to play. There are several casinos available for foreign visitors, and they generate vast amounts of revenue. You can gamble in Cambodia, but don’t ask your local friends to join you.


Some consider gambling a sport, some just a little bit of fun, and some think it is a danger. There are places in the world where it is not safe or not well-viewed to practice gambling. If you visit one of the six countries on the list, please consider taking a break from betting. Locals will appreciate you respecting their laws. Besides, in some places you might end up in jail if you gamble, are you ready for this kind of risk?

We sincerely hope you are not.



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