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Chevrolet designed a new Bolt which can be a solid option if you want an electric car.

First, a noticeable difference is a range. Chevy Bolt offers a range of 238 miles on a single charge whereas Model 3 is supposed to have a range of 215 miles per one charge. Bolt managed to beat Tesla in a category that should be specific for them. However, there is more to these cars than just range.

An estimated price for the Chevy is $37,500 and it is supposed to go on sale before the end of this year. As for the Model 3 it should come out at the end of 2017 or at the beginning of 2018 and it will be priced about $40,000.

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk is not good at respecting deadlines. According to a Wall Street Journal article, since 2011, Tesla has not been successful at meeting deadlines and they have been late in more than 20 projects. Moreover, the Model X was postponed by three years. Thus it is possible that we will have to wait more than expected for Model 3 to come out.

So if you are in a rush to buy an electric car the Bolt is a better option. This car has an outstanding range if you consider the price. Although Model X and Model S top the Chevy when it comes to range, the Bolt is still better than the Nissan LEAF.

As we mentioned before it is not all about the range. The tech features in the Bolt are outstanding. It has a digital rearview mirror. In addition, there are numerous safety features such as blind zone warning, front pedestrian braking and an alarm that sounds when you are about to collide. These are only some of the components.

In terms of acceleration, the Model 3 can go from 0 to 60 mph in less than 6 seconds whereas the Bolt takes slightly under 7 seconds, which is not a poor time among electric cars.

The difference in range is not that significant, indeed. If you drive for thousands of miles it doesn’t matter where you will take a break and recharge. The significant difference would be if the Chevy had a range about 300 miles comparing to Tesla’s 215. But that is not the case. It is possible however that Tesla exceeds 215 miles per charge range, considering that they have models with a few battery options.

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What gives the edge to Tesla is technology. Both cars have an automatic braking system and blind spot warning. However, Tesla comes with the Autopilot pack which has many perks. This mode has automatic lane switch, parallel parking and if you cannot reach your car you can summon it from a distance. It has not been known how much these upgrades will cost, but it should be around $3000.

Overall, every car has its advantages and whichever you choose you won’t make a mistake. However, the Chevy will be available really soon, whereas you will have to wait for the Model 3.


  1. Tesla accepted hat the Falcon Door on Model X was a mistake, they said that Model 3 will be easy to manufacture without complicate parts.

  2. Wow, is the writer shorting Tesla and hoping this will drive the stock for?
    First, good for GM for at least building a real EV. But comparing a Bolt and Model 3 is like saying do you want a Chev spark or Audi A4 for $35k.
    As for range, again good for GM for making a real range EV. 200, 215, 238, 250… Any car in this range will allow most (I’ve read 90%) people multiple days of driving if needed, and many reasonable / short trips. Both will require many stops going to Florida from NYC etc. For these the charge network becomes key. And GM does have access to a good, but not a fast network so road trips will be slow.
    Personally not an issue as I don’t really expect to be doing a ton of road trips in my model 3, but at least I know I can. 🙂

  3. If the Model X door issue turns out to be common, it could spell big trouble for Tesla. Doors that fit poorly on a sloped driveway are a serious indication of structural design flaws. A Model X recall for retrofitting structural bracing would put them in Samsungs current position with the Note 7, only thousands of times worse.

  4. “First, a noticeable difference is a range.” For thinking consumers, the first noticeable difference is that like all other car types, the Chevrolet Bolt will be designed to fail and require regular cash infusions for maintenance. Where are all those Tesla service facilities? Oh Yeah, THERE AREN’T ANY. That is because Tesla’s are built to last, not built to decay and fall apart. Once a consumer realizes the magnitude of the scam that has been run on the average car buyer, and the magnitude of the hidden costs associated with the typical car purchase, they are insane to contribute to and participate in the rip off that is the typical automobile purchase…

  5. Some people couldn’t understand a 10K if you sat there and explained it to them. Tesla has the best margin per vehicle in the industry and isn’t losing any money per vehicle. The design has been complete for the Model 3 for a while, bids came in from suppliers, and suppliers are bending over backwards to try to get contracts from Tesla. Tesla knew well in advance how much it would cost to build each car and how much it will cost for materials. Their head of production has been in the business for decades and has configured factories from scratch for lines of cars that sold more than Tesla is planning with the Model 3. They are in great shape for this, and there’s no doubt the sales will be there.

    The only reason Tesla is raising money at all is that they decided to ramp up production two years ahead of schedule. They had the cash on hand to make as many cars as they expected people to order if their most optimistic projections came true. But they were wrong. People reserved the car in numbers never before seen in the auto industry. The amount they are spending is a fraction of what they will be taking in.

    The people who say Tesla is about to go bankrupt are the same ones who said so in 2012. When Tesla was making five cars a week, those are the people who said they would never meet their goal of making 20,000 cars. Then people kept saying their orders were about to dry up. Then Tesla doubled production capability and orders increased. These people are wrong time and time again. If you had told them in 2012 when Tesla was making five cars a week that by 2015 they’d be outselling the Mercedes S class, they would have thought you were crazy. But they are the ones who are wrong time and time again, not us.

  6. Tesla has cash what are you talking about…it’s also raising more monies…and it’s not making monies because it’s investing and developing cutting edge tech and will break even or make a little next qtr..if you said it had no sales and monies i would hear but that’s not the case..people love there tesla’s….also they just pre-sold 376k model 3’s ….and telsa will bank 15-20 billion on those sales…its also built a giga factory and took a 200 million dollar order from the state of california for one order alone..from that…keep betting aginst tesla and your lose like everyone before you.

  7. Amazing, the tesla fan boys are at it again, the model 3 is a dream at this point.

    GM has been testing the bolt for over a year, its a production model with over a year of testing and refinement, and you will be able to buy it before the end of the year.

    Tesla model 3 on the other hand has 2 or 3 hand built design exercises, these are not production cars, and without another large influx of cash tesla has no funds to finish development, build the model 3 assembly line or even finish a 3rd of the gigafactory (only 1/5. completed).

    Good luck getting your deposit back when reality hits. Tesla is not making money and will not in in the forceeable future. This is reality, GM can sell the bolt at cost and not care, they make money on the other 2 million cars they sell worldwide a year, Tesla cant at least not for long…

  8. You have no idea what the range of the Model 3 will be. Tesla didn’t announce it. They did announce that the base configuration will have a range of at least 215 miles, not 215 miles. And the base price of the Model 3 will be $35,000, not “about $40,000” and not even “about $35,000.” For $37,500 you will be able to get a Bolt, or a Model 3 with $2,500 worth of upgrades. Since Tesla didn’t announce what battery upgrades would be available, you have no idea which will have more range for the price of the Bolt.


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