Its confirmed – The Big Bang Theory spinoff Young Sheldon is happening and here is the cast!


Well if you recall, several months ago a rumor popped up saying that a The Big Bang Theory spinoff is in the prep by CBS, but we just couldn’t get the official confirmation on the topic. What we are glad to report is that the tables have turned and that now CBS has officially given the order for a Big Bang spinoff which will revolve around Sheldon’s childhood and it will be appropriately named “Young Sheldon.” It is slated to go into production for the 2017-2018 TV season, and we found out who are some of the key roles going to be.

The lead part of Sheldon will be played by young Iain Armitage that will have to immaculately hit the brilliance, arrogance, and social tone-deafness that define Sheldon Lee Cooper. As you know, young Sheldon was struggling during his childhood, mainly with him being in high school at the age of 9 and having a lot of trouble fitting in with his East Texas family and peers.

The actor Iain Armitage is best known for his work on HBO’s Big Little Lies, and his role on NBC’s Law&Order: SVU. Ian is not the only one who has landed a role in “Young Sheldon.” Zoe Perry will be the one who is in charge for the role of Sheldon’s mom, and after Laurie Metcalf who plays Mary Cooper in the TV show, she will be an excellent replacement, and we can really see her as a young Mary Cooper. Perry is somewhat of a veteran when it comes to broadcast TV with her roles in Grey’s Anatomy, The Family, and NCIS.


This is as far as the verified info goes, but on the question of rest of the Cooper family here is what we unofficially found out. Sheldon’s twin sister Missy will be played by Raegan Revord, Montana Jordan will play Sheldon’s older brother George Jr., and Lance Barber will play Sheldon’s dad, at least according to THR. If this actually pans out and proves to be right, this will be the first time we see the Cooper family together in one spot.

When “Young Sheldon” is considered, CBS gave it a straight-to-series order, meaning that it will skip the traditional pilot process. We do not possess any info regarding the episode count, but the productions is scheduled to start later this month. What is interesting is that the Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons will make his own contribution to the show in the form of a narrator. What is unknown is if Jim will ever appear in the show, we only know that he will lend his voice to kick off the show, but it is also possible that the show might be similar to How I Met Your Mother where adult Sheldon tells stories about his life. But that is just a presumption, and probably a far-fetched one.