The Beginner’s Guide to Navigating Online Casino Bonuses


Such bonuses come in a variety of forms; they are a great way to reward loyal players or provide new players with some free spins to get them started and give them something to practice with.

However, one thing to be aware of is that there is usually a wagering requirement. In other words, the player must play a certain number of times before they can make a cash withdrawal. The wager types also vary from one online casino to the next. Naturally, there are always some terms and conditions attached to any online casino bonuses in order to prevent fraud, so always make sure that you read the requirements and T&Cs before you pay your first deposit. In fact, this advice is not just applicable to online entertainment. At, we’ve already discussed how important it is to be careful with T&C when applying for a loan, for example.

Without further ado, it’s time to look at the main types of casino bonuses you’ll find online.

Welcome Bonuses

Plenty of online casinos offer introductory bonuses to new players only and these vary greatly in terms of what you can get. You’ll find that they can range from free spins when you register without any deposit required (called a “no deposit bonus”), to matching a percentage of your deposit when you put your first deposit in. If you are only looking to open one online casino account, then it is definitely worthwhile to look at all the current available welcome offers to find the best one.


Reload Bonuses

This type is less common than the welcome types, and often worth less. Reload types are available to existing customers who have previously made a deposit and it is a loyalty bonus for people to reward them for their continuing to play. One thing to keep in mind is that, as with welcome bonus, this type of deposit one is also subject to play-through requirements. In other words, you will be asked to play through the free money you receive a certain number of times before you can cash out. You can find more information on

Preferred Deposit Bonuses

This is a type of offer that is to encourage players to use the casino’s preferred form of electronic payment when they put money into their account. It works by rewarding the player with a bonus like an extra % onto their deposit, free spins or any other reward that encourages the payments by a specific method. Why do casinos do this? Well, it sometimes has to do with the deposit method that best suits the casino, which they want to promote; others, it can be thanks to the payment provider themselves, who might be running a promotion the casino platform was able to take advantage of.

Loyalty Bonuses

These, at online casinos, are similar to the reload types but rather than rewarding the second deposit, they provide bonuses for players who have been around for a certain period of time, choosing the same casino for all their slots, table games and other iGaming needs. Many of them have different loyalty categories or tiers, including VIP membership, to section their customers by their level of loyalty and reward them depending on the level they have reached.

High Roller Bonuses

High Roller bonuses are specially created and reserved for those players who are putting down large deposits. The amount of money that is deemed to be a high roller figure depends on the casino; though it is usually for larger deposits, some casinos might set as little as $20 as a high roller figure. High roller bonuses are yet another way to thank the players for their custom, and ensure they are happy with the level of entertainment and service they’re receiving.

If you enjoy playing live at casinos, or have a trip to Las Vegas planned (see the 12 best Las Vegas casinos at and you want to get some practice at home, online casino bonuses can give you some extra perks that will give you more for your money.

Hopefully, that will have given you enough information about the different types of bonuses that are available but remember to read the requirements and T&Cs first.