Tesla’s self – steering device is an extravagant genius – $8k to activate


Tesla Motors is indeed very serious about the self – driving car. They want all their cars to be autonomous. Although this dream may yet still be on the moon, the automobile company is confident and assertive that they will be able to make it happen. All their cars will be able to steer themselves once they have the right programming set.

Tesla promises to integrate all the physical components of this feature into all their new models at no extra cost. However, activation of the device would cause to bleed your budget. Your expenses could go as high as ten thousand U.S. dollars.

The self – steering device is an add – on to the Tesla vehicle. It had first been implemented with Model X and S. The hardware is already built – in to the system but still static. You would need to purchase the corresponding software to activate its functions. However, the software doesn’t come cheap. You could be spilling out a generous amount of five to six thousand dollars just for this software. Nevertheless, it is packed with all the convenient benefits it has promised to offer.

The self-steering feature for all Teslas comes in two working modes. One is called “Enhanced Autopilot” while the other is called “Full Self-Driving Capability”. The first option has the basic maneuvering skills like speed adjustment and switching lanes.


The latter is rather more intelligent than the former. Apart from the skills learned in the first mode, the vehicle can also analyze directions so that it is able to determine the best route that could take you to your destination. It could even go as far as finding a spot to park your car. However, this would cost you another three thousand or four thousand from your pocket.

This sounds very promising for an automobile but the experts differ the promise. They are quite doubtful about the fulfillment of this ambitious dream. Tesla’s founder claims that it should be released to the public in 2 or 3 years but some professionals say it could take longer than that. They even suggest another five to ten years.

The secret behind Tesla’s confidence with their self-driving vehicle is the “shadow mode”. This is the default of all self – steering cars. This is the reason the automobile company is embedding this hardware in all its cars. This unlocked state allows the device to learn from all the driving experiences and stores all this actions in its memory so that it is able to use it in the future. So, by the name it gets activated, the device is already intelligent enough to decide which action to take for certain circumstances.

The self – steering device for Teslas is like a smart black box in your car. Now, isn’t that a real genius?