The Tesla Model Y that is due anytime soon has been reported and written about so much. But recently an info popped up saying that the gullwing rear door featured in the Tesla Model X might get ditched here. The reason for that is the amount of bad reviews and dozens of criticisms on their account.

If you recall Elon Musk launched a tweet sometime in October 2015 stating that the Model Y and Model 3 will soon hit the streets and that they will be equipped with falcon doors. What is interesting is that the Model 3 is ready, although not yet presented as the commercial version, but doesn’t host the falcon doors, so Mr. Musk probably referred to the Model Y in his Tweet. But a significant amount of time is passed since then, and Tesla Motors is in a position to weigh the options of using or not using the falcon doors on the Model Y, at least according to Auto Evolution. The problems regarding these doors happen when someone is parked near the vehicle, and then you obviously have a problem coming in or getting out of the car. Because of this but also because of the friction or shock that this kind of opening causes the Consumer Reliability Reports gave Tesla Model Y unrecommended evaluation.

The Model Y is going to be somewhat more compact than its older brother the Model X which was seven seater vehicle. The company here has hit the wall trying to adapt the mechanism from the larger Model X to the smaller Model Y. That is why, knowing how Tesla works, they will probably opt for a practicality approach instead of an aesthetic one. But this doesn’t have to be bad for the company. Why? Well, the first part is that there will be probably some price reduction in order, or adding something else for the same price, and the second part regards the regaining trust of the people in their product once again.

Tesla Model Y Release Date

The Model Y was supposed to be revealed around 20 days ago, but nothing happened. This fact is making us little nervous because no one knows what is going on. The release date is prolonged once again but until when is the big question. The only optimistic info which we have regarding this EV introduction is the report from Daily Sun Knoxville which stated that it should be expected soon.