Although Tesla company with its CEO Elon Musk have announced that their new product will be revealed on Oct 17, something has happened, and the reveal has been pushed for tomorrow, Oct. 20. What saddens us additionally is the fact that today was the day when the Tesla Model Y crossover, according to all the massive evidence, was supposed to be shown to the world. Apparently, they didn’t want to jump the gun and show the unprepared vehicle, and they took an additional day or two to implement some last minute refinements.

Mr. Musk didn’t reveal much in his Twitter announcement he just said that the reveal expected for today will be “unexpected by most”. This can mean many things because we were witnesses to many plans that Tesla announced for the future such as electric minibus and a vehicle based on the classic Volkswagen Type II that is supposed to rest on a platform borrowed from Model X. Musk has also announced plans for a Tesla format pickup truck for the world market, and that’s making us unsure in the predictions of what could be expected tomorrow at the unveil.

No matter how much we thought about it, the current market possibilities are telling us that the strongest and more logical candidate for the “surprise unveil” would be the Model Y Crossover. The Model Y is an all-electric crossover that is supposed to be smaller than Model X and rest on Model 3 platform but with a higher price tag. Don’t get scared instantly, the predicted price for Model Y starts from $45,000 so the price difference will not be that big, just enough to put the Model Y under Model X and Model S but on top of Model 3. Since it will rest within that price range, you can very well expect similar configurations and trims that are offered from the Model 3 and maybe even more.

We believe that all of this is benefiting Tesla company greatly no matter what shows its face tomorrow. They are making all the right moves lately and the possible release of the Model Y tomorrow will come just in time to strike a punch at the competition such as Audi E-Tron Quattro (due in 2018), Mercedes ELC (arriving the same year) or even something from Jaguar. But don’t think that Tesla is afraid of them because the competition is still trying to develop something to match their Model S, while Tesla has already offered the full-size SUV and a compact sedan. With the addition of the Model Y crossover, it will make competition’s head spin while Tesla stays a few steps ahead. Keep your eyes glued to the computer and wait to see what will emerge tomorrow from the imagination of one of the most popular visionaries lately.