Tesla Model Y – is that new Tesla vehicle?

For those who do not follow new announcements and products from Tesla company, we are pleased to inform you that there is a possibility of Tesla Model Y showing up, together with a few other models, on October 17th. This news comes thanks to Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk announcing a promise of the arrival of the new product on Twitter.

Tesla cooking something new! Is that Tesla Model Y?

Mr. Musk’s announcement comes a week after Tesla confirmed that it is working on new projects and possibilities to expanded all-electric line-up that among others, would include vehicles such as electric cargo van, a minibus, and a pick-up truck, pointing in the direction of the alluring Tesla Model Y. All of these vehicles all by themselves are more than appealing but thanks to Mr. Musk’s announcement that October debut will be “unexpected” we started to consider the possibility of Model Y appearing and taking everybody’s thunder. What is really important about these potential products is that they will be improved in some way, like charging or road imaging technology, while next-gen driverless technology, according to some industry experts, will have to wait for a several more months.

While we wait for October 17th and the official reveal of these newcomers, we have to convey something else to you. Tesla founder and CEO Mr. Musk has confirmed that the future models that will come out of his factory will use the existing chassis underpinnings found in Model 3 and the Model X. The Tesla Model Y which is conceived as a compact SUV will be based on the Model 3 sedan, while the electric cargo van, pickup, and minibus will make use of the Model X chassis. In his Twitter correspondence with British Twitter user James Ross, Musk leaked info that developing a vehicle (based on a pickup truck chassis) that can be a direct rival to Ford Transit “probably makes sense.”

This summer Musk also revealed a bigger picture for Tesla in an article called “Master Plan, Part Deux.” Here you can read all about plans for autonomous technology development and intentions to enter the public transport sector, which will probably be with the Minibus vehicle sitting on the Model X chassis. The detailed plan about this came in the second part of the Master Plan which highlights plans for the Model Y and two more electric vehicles – “heavy duty trucks and high passenger-density urban transport”. As far as the minibus is concerned, Musk stated that it is still in development stages and that it could be revealed as soon as next year.

Tesla Model Y will have self-driving technology? Probably YES

Musk also said that as the autonomous technology improves, all Tesla vehicles will receive self-driving capability, and as envisioned by him, a car sharing platform will grow to fully utilize passenger-carrying potential from cars that would otherwise be sat outside by owners. “Since most cars are only in use by their owner for 5% to 10% of the day, the fundamental economic utility of a true self-driving car is likely to be several times that of a car which is not” as stated by Mr. Musk.

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