There aren’t many SUVs that look good when tuned and lowered because they get the looks that are opposite from their purpose. This is not the case with Tesla Model X that looks just fabulous in its orange color, with large wheels, and bumpers that almost touch the ground. Customization was done by Unplugged Performance which specializes in tuning Teslas and other electric vehicles while the special tires were supplied by Japanese company Toyo. This model will be presented at SEMA auto show which starts on November 1.

Tesla Model X is already the fastest accelerating SUV in the world, and with tuning this feature will be even more expressed. A P90D version will be made faster with the addition of rear spoiler made entirely out of carbon fiber that further improves its aerodynamics. Another inclusion will be sportier suspension kit that is part of Unplugged Performance ‘aero package’. Handling and braking system have also been upgraded. Brembo carbon-ceramics ‘six-piston’ brakes are being used on this version of Tesla Model X. Together with ‘Ultra Light’ wheels from Unplugged Performance you will get earlier mentioned Toyo tires in 285/35 dimension.

Model X won’t be the only presented vehicle that will have Toyo tires because these will also be offered with a 2014 McLaren MP4-12C, redesigned 2008 Porsche 997 and Ken Blocks’s ‘Hoonicorn V2’ Ford Mustang.

Unplugged Performance is a company based in Hawthorne, California facilitated near Tesla’s Southern California HQ. Their main products include wheel packages, rear and front spoilers, side skirts and some other aftermarket products designed specifically for electric vehicles. They have been present on the market since 2013. Some of their bestselling products are front fascia and spoiler for Tesla Model S. With Unplugged Performance spoiler and front fascia older Model S looks more like the current editions and even more aggressive.