Tesla Model X – Test Drive


Tesla Model X 90D was put to the test in Great Britain, and although you would expect that it struggled on bumpy roads, it actually proved to be quite good. The Model X 90D has electric motors that produce a total of 417 bhp and 485 lb-ft of torque. The total range is 303 miles per one charge.

After the test, we can say with confidence that the Model X can easily compete with the best sports SUVs in the market. Although the car weighs 2.4 tons, the powertrain is powerful enough to move the car on any types of roads. Moreover, the vehicle comes with an AWD which is another advantage. If you saw these specs you would say that it is sluggish with its weight and size, but it is everything but that.


Speed and Acceleration

The Tesla Model X 90D goes from 0-62 mph in just 4.8 seconds. The top speed of this vehicle is 155 mph, and yes, this car is fast. Actually, the acceleration is even more impressive than the top speed itself. We can compare this model’s acceleration to the Ariel Atom or even to the Porsche 911 Turbo S3. The only thing that is going to stop you from testing the acceleration are the speed limit signs. If you ever get the chance to drive Tesla Model X 90D, just hit the pedal to the medal and we guarantee you, it will sweep you off your feet.

Driving the Model X 90D on Narrow Roads

Electric SUV has an enormous windshield which allows great visibility to the driver. Moreover, the lane display is located under the speedometer, so no matter what type of road you are driving on, you will always be able to see the car’s position.

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We can even say that driving Tesla Model X on narrow roads was a pleasure. Its size didn’t influence the handling and despite the hard conditions this vehicle was effortless. When you drive the Model X at low speed, you might need to control your steering wheel a bit more, because the ride is not that stable. However, as you accelerate, the steering becomes enjoyable.

Autonomous Car

The Model X that was tested contained the first generation Tesla Autopilot hardware. However, Tesla vehicles which will arrive in the UK will have the second generation, and it will definitely help the drivers on the road. You can activate the cruise control by pulling the shorter stalk on the left of the steering column. You need to do that once more, and the car will drive autonomously. Note that the conditions need to be good and you need to travel slower than 70 mph.


The autonomous system has improved compared to the last year. If you flick the indicator left or right, the car will go that way. Nevertheless, you will need to keep your hands on the steering wheel for this. There might be a problem when you try to overtake another vehicle. It is always better for you to do it, because the car may be too close to that car you are overtaking. Don’t get too comfortable, though. You can have fun analyzing what the car does when the Autopilot is on. Bear in mind that this technology is still being developed so be careful when you use it.

Tesla Model X Interior

On the highway, the noise level in the cabin is higher than one might expect. Listening to the motor if you are driving fast is fine, but on slower rides, silence is better. The standard number of seats in the Tesla Model X is five. However, you can add a six- or seven-seat arrangement if you want. You would have to add £2,700 and £3,600 to the starting price respectively. Speaking of space, the batteries forced a higher floor to be offered compared to the other SUVs. As a result, the legroom is not the best in the middle row, but we are sure that this will not significantly influence your choice.

Model X Price

What impresses us the most is acceleration. Nevertheless, the driving may not be tremendous, but it is still very entertaining. The biggest problem is the price. The starting price of the Tesla Model X 90D is £89,880.