Tesla Model S is Reliable, Model X and Tesla Motors Not So Much

image source: teslacentral.com

Consumer Reports rated Tesla Model S “worse-than-average” last year. This year, the Model S earned “average” on Annual Auto Reliability Survey conducted by Consumer Reports. This is excellent news for Tesla, because from now on, the Model S is being recommended on the ground of reliability. Although the Model S earned a higher reliability rank, Model X continues to struggle.

The production of the Model X started in September last year and many aspects of the car have been problematic. For example, the electric SUV has troubles with falcon-wing doors. It would be great if this is the only issue, but unfortunately, the car’s climate system, locks, and latches are also causing problems.

According to the Consumer Reports, in terms of reliability, Tesla Motors is better than Dodge, Chrysler, Fiat, and Ram. For the record, the Consumer Reports tested 29 brands and Tesla ended on far from great, 25th position. The first place belongs to Toyota’s Lexus, whereas the Buick follows on the second.

Elon Musk told LA Times:”We are committed to making the world’s most reliable cars. The amount of issues we’ve addressed with Model X has fallen by 92% in the last 12 months, a reflection of our ability to make continuous improvements and react quickly.”

Consumer Reports praised the Model S P85D in the past when it received 103 out of 100 points. In 2013, the Model S got 99 points, which was still a remarkable result. However, this time last year, the renowned electric vehicle earned “worst-than-average” rating.

image source: tesla.com
image source: tesla.com

About 1,400 owners of the Models S were participating in that survey. Some of the most common problems, according to car owners, were sounds in the interior, door handles which would not function properly and drive-unit replacements. Hopefully, now an “average” Tesla can move up the list and produce more reliable cars in the future.