Tesla Model 3 just started delivering, and that news was covered right here yesterday. The next interesting thing that was mentioned in that post from yesterday is the fact that Tesla company will release the performance version of the Model 3 and thanks to the statement from the Tesla CEO Mr. Musk we found out that it might be coming as soon as next year.

The first time we heard about the performance Model 3 was when the company revealed the Model 3 in prototype guise in March 2016, for the first time. Back then Musk promised a performance version of this vehicle but ever since then nothing more was announced until now. Thanks to a very persistent Tesla enthusiast and his efforts to squeeze Musk for info on Twitter we now have the answer that we wanted to hear.

Apparently, Mr. Ryan McCaffrey asked Musk for the possibility of the performance version of the Model 3 and the expected date, and Musk replied writing “Probably middle of next year. Focus now is on getting out of Model 3 production hell. More versions = deeper in hell”.

This clearly justifies the things we wrote about yesterday, and that is the fact that Tesla will now entirely focus on the rationalization of the ordering procedure as well as speeding up the entire production and delivery process in order to firstly deliver all the pre-ordered vehicles (500.000 of them) and later achieve the norm of 500.000 units produced annually. Musk clearly expects that they will go through “hell” in the first six months of production and we totally agree with him, but that hell will be well worth since the Model 3 truly a great vehicle.

Electrek also wrote about this and they believe that a performance oriented Model 3 will very likely use the company’s range topping 310-mile battery pack. Electrek believes that Tesla company will most likely pair the battery with two motors and all-wheel drive, just like the Model S and Model X so far.


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