If you haven’t noticed by yourself, Mr. Musk has a sort of a problem. Apparently, according to some Mr. Musk has a tendency for either overpromising and underdelivering or delivering late. This is also coming from a respected Tesla analyst who thinks that this could, later on, impact Tesla Model 3 and future vehicles from this company.

The analyst in question is Morgan Stanley’s Adam Jones who predicts that the entry level Model 3 won’t start its sales before very late 2018, almost one year later than Mr. Musk so confidently promised. If you remember, according to Tesla, the Model 3‘s production should begin sometime mid-2017, but if Jones is correct, that will most likely be pushed far back in 2018. There is more as he didn’t stop there, and went a little further into the calculations and predicted that Tesla would probably be able to produce around 60.000 Model 3’s in 2019 and 130.000 units in 2023 which is far away from their announced 400.000 units in 2018, at least according to Electrek reports.


This report may cause some discomfort to the buyers, because if they pan out to be correct than those 400.000 and some people that had pre-ordered the Model 3 might have to wait far into 2023 or even 2023 just to receive a car that they ordered almost six years ago. This will most likely badly impact Tesla and make them lose their credibility as one of the most respectful EV and car companies.

Unfortunately for the young auto company, there is one more thing that might hit Tesla in a bad way. In case that this delay happens, then it is fairly OK to expect that Chevrolet will use this situation and make a great head start with its model Bolt, especially when affordable EV market is considered. But the decline won’t stop there. Tesla will also drop the significant advantage over companies like Volkswagen who will most likely launch God knows how many electric models early next decade, which will make them practically elusive from then on.

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