Tesla Model 3 Finally Caught – without Any Disguise and Its Showing Interior!


Thanks to spy photographer working overtime on the case of the new Tesla Model 3, we are able to deliver spy shots of the likely candidates for a production body for a new sedan. You all probably saw a bunch of low-grade spy images of the Model 3 especially these past few days, and we are aware you are all bored by those, and this here for once is a nice change, so enjoy.

Source; motor1.com

According to some earlier posts, we found out that the Model 3 will have up to 10 cameras for its new Autopilot and that they have slightly altered the trunk opening in order to fit more bulkier items easily but I do not see a change in that segment at all. As you can see these Model 3 vehicles on the spy shots look almost exactly like the prototypes from the reveal, and yes there are slight changes to the design in the form of minor tweaks up front and fitting those cameras all around, but the rest looks pretty much the same.

Source; motor1.com

As we find out the first units of new Tesla are going to arrive with RWD only, while the dual motor AWD 3s might just make it to your driveway by the end of 2017. The range on these will be incredible, and according to some posts Musk made recently we know that the maximum battery capacity for the Model 3 will be 75 kWh and that the battery will be able to offer more electric range than the 238 mile Chevrolet Bolt. As you can see here, spy photographers managed to catch a glimpse of the interior of the Model 3 and its new HUD and a central-to-driver speedometer which recently started some heated discussions. Since the image is good but not that good to make any assumptions, we will hold on to any comment until something official pops up on this topic.

Source; motor1.com

Tesla Model 3 Release Date

The production of Tesla Model 3 is expected to start this July and volume deliveries will come perhaps as soon as September. The pricing for this vehicle is still unknown, and we presume that it will be announced on or around June 2 which is a probable date for Part 3 of the Model 3 reveal. Tesla will, right after the introduction of this EV, turn their focus to Model Y electric crossover that is based on the same platform. Since the company’s money is on the success of Model 3, the Model Y electric crossover depends a lot on the 3s success or fall.