Terrance Williams Ships His Car To Oxnard California


While some people have their favorite pillow, blanket, water bottle or something similar that they tend to carry on each and every trip, excursion or training, Cowboys’ receiver Terrance Williams has something little bit different. We could hear that America’s Team has arrived in Oxnard, California where they will have a three-week training camp and Williams decided to ship his car.

As we said, some people just can’t go anywhere without their stuff, but this is the next level, shipping a vehicle from Texas to Cali certainly isn’t an easy task. It is nicely customized Dodge Challenger SRT painted in purple and with red stripes on the side. One more thing that is quite unique for this ride is the “Real Deal” written on the front grill.

We can remember that Terrance was arrested in May because his Lambo was involved in an accident after it has crashed into a street lamp. Later on, it was said that he didn’t drive it. Anyway, is it a smart thing for him to drive around Cali after that?

Modifications that were made to this muscle car makes it a little bit harder to conclude if this is a standard SRT or a Hellcat. Since the grill is modified, we can guess it by looking at the front lip and lower part of the bumper where we have two additional intakes instead of fog lights. This definitely is the Hellcat version.


Under the hood is the 6.2-liter supercharged HEMI capable of pumping out incredible 707 hp and 650 lb-ft of torque. It isn’t clear if Terrance Williams decided to do some additional work under the hood or any other part of the car except the body wrap.

Anyway, he will enjoy this muscle car in California for the next three weeks. Hopefully, his performance on the field will be at the level of what Hellcat can offer on the road.