Tennessee Titans have made a nice improvement this season. They are one of the teams that took a step forward that they needed to take with young quarterback leading the way. They are playing a good brand of football but are still missing some pieces in order to become a competitive squad in the AFC.

Their biggest win of the season came this Sunday as they put on a show for their home fans against the Green Bay Packers. They are refusing to go away in this divisional race with Texans and Colts. If they want to stay alive, they will need to upset the Colts in Indy also.

Indianapolis is a good position to catch the Titans at the top of the division. Houston is not a team that you can trust. Colts were already able to beat the Titans in Tennessee, but this game is maybe even more important for them than that last encounter between these two teams.

Andrew Luck is having a decent season, but you just can’t help but wonder what would he do if he was given a good defense and a proper and consistent running game. He is making something out of nothing each and every round, so we can’t blame him for that, not ideal, result we see.

He’ll need to do the same thing this week as they need to beat the Titans. We are going to pick Colts to win this game in Indy. It’s going to be a close match, but Colts will score late and win this duel 30:25. Interesting game is coming and we think that it could be one of the best this round.


  1. I think it will come down to whomever has the ball last will determine who wins & loses. The Colts have beaten the Titans 10 consecutive time in a row. But, i think with the way the Titans offense is playing, Andrew Luck will have to put up more points than what he has all season entering this game in week 11 which shouldn’t be too hard being that the Titans defense put no pressure on him 4 weeks ago although Andrew is missing some primary players on offense. With that being said, I think this will be a high scoring game with the final score being 36-31 Titans. But, like i implied it will be an offensive game and a close one in the end. The real question is for Indianapolis – what kind of Andrew Luck will we see come out of that tunnel Sunday afternoon…?


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