10 Things We Know About Tesla Model Y (INFOGRAPHIC)


Tesla is seriously trying to establish itself as a premium car maker. They are already special because of the focus only on making EV’s which have not only a breathtaking design but also some serious power under the hood. The only problem for them so far was the lack of ability to manufacture their vehicles in huge numbers.

This all is about to change with the introduction of Tesla Model 3. So far they have Tesla Model X and Tesla Model S on the market. With Model 3 they will have an established lineup that can stand toe to toe with any other car manufacturer out there. But Tesla wouldn’t be what it is, and Elon Musk wouldn’t be what he is if they would stop there. No, we are not here to talk about existing cars in the lineup or incoming Model 3. We are here to talk about Tesla Model Y which was recently confirmed by Musk himself.

The smaller version of Model X SUV would fit perfectly into crossover segment which records growth with every passing day. That’s why we have created a list of things that are known so far about upcoming Tesla Model Y. You can also check this out on great looking infographics that we have prepared for you.

1) It will share a platform with Tesla Model 3.

2) The range of Tesla Model Y will be well above 200 miles per charge.

3) The Autopilot will be a part of standard equipment.

4) The falcon wing doors that are featured on Model X could be transferred onto Model Y.

5) With the growth of crossover segment Model Y could become one of Tesla’s most important vehicles.

6) The price for the new model will be put above $35,000 mark which is starting price for Model 3.

7) The Ludicrous mode available on Model X could be a feature on Y.

8) There is no date set for its release, but late 2018 or early 2019 are a possibility.

9) 0-60 time is going to be around 4.0 seconds.

10) Tesla Model Y will be a pivotal vehicle for Tesla ridesharing program.

source: carsoid.com