Tech That Will Make Your Work Day Easier

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Your work day isn’t easy. You have to complete dozens of tasks, come up with ideas and manage other employees. According to this data from The American Institute of Stress, 80% of workers say that they feel stress on the job. 46% of American workers also said that their workload was the cause of their stress.

Managing stress is hugely important for your work and personal life. At work, stress can make you unproductive and less effective at doing your tasks. In your personal life, stress may make you grouchy, tired and you may have less time to spend with people. While a full stress management strategy may look like fewer work hours or getting an assistant, technology can also help to make your work day much easier.

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More Powerful Laptop

With nearly half of American workers saying that their workload is a cause of stress, one way to eliminate that stress is by multitasking. If you can run multiple programs in the background, filling out spreadsheets while you wait for documents to be added to your cloud servers, or hand over tasks to someone else (while talking to them in a communication app) then that will make your work easier.

However, to multitask and running multiple programs, you will need a more powerful laptop or desktop computer. Your aging desktop may not be capable of running many demanding programs at once. One popular laptop for multitasking is the Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch. The 13-inch version of the MacBook Pro is the smaller model of the powerful laptop computer, meaning it’s great for work you do at your desk and work you do on the go. It’s also available refurbished, making it much cheaper than brand new and you can go here to look at new refurbished MacBook Pro deals and find an offer that fits your budget.

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Data also reveals that 28% of people think that people issues are a cause of their stress. Demanding coworkers who ask you to help them with their tasks, bombard you with questions, or distract you while you’re busy can be stressful and make you much less productive.

Aiming to address that is the Luxafor Flag gadget. The Luxafor Flag is a USB gadget that plugs into a USB port and lights up green when you’re available for a chat or lights up red when are you are busy and don’t have time to talk or help them with what they need. This review says that the device weighs less than 0.2 ounces and is quite affordable, making it a great way to communicate your workload to your colleagues. Your coworkers may not always look at the light, but you can talk to them about this to make the Luxafor more effective for you.

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When you’re at work, you want to put your time and resources into important tasks such as talking to customers, making sales or researching new products. However, you may also find yourself doing tasks such as ordering office supplies, trying to book meeting rooms, and contacting tech support.

One gadget designed to help with that is called the bttn. The simple Internet of Things device can be configured to do whatever you need. So, with one button press, you can order those supplies, book a meeting room, or contact tech support. While it can also be used by sales companies to allow their customers to easily order a product or service with one button click, it can help to raise productivity for you and other teammates in your office.

Noise Canceling Headphones

Open-plan offices can be great for collaboration as your workmate may be just one desk away and you can quickly get attention or help from those next to you. It can make your work environment incredibly noisy, though, and studies show that these louder noises may make you unproductive. Conversations may be a distraction and may affect your concentration.

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If you don’t want to teach everyone in the office how to use their “inside voices,” then another idea is to get a pair of noise-canceling headphones. While normal headphones may use soundproofing, noise-canceling headphones use active noise control to make ambient noises (such as other people talking in the office) much quieter. So when you’re listening to music, you won’t have to put the volume up so loud to hear it properly, or you can just put them on when you don’t want to listen to what everyone in the office is saying.
Wireless Speaker

If everyone in your office is looking for gentler ambient sounds, then you could all ask for a wireless speaker to be installed in the office. You could suggest your favorite relaxation songs for a playlist before adding it and allowing everyone to hear. For those who don’t want to work in full quiet but don’t want to be distracted by other people’s conversations, this is a great idea.

There are many quality wireless speakers to choose from, but the big things to weigh up are the battery life of the device and the range or volume of the device. An office with many people will need to be loud enough to be heard across every cubicle, and if you want to play music all day, you don’t want to be stopping every few hours to charge it.

The technology on this list can support a more productive workday. However, you may want to talk to your boss about changing your hours or working arrangement if you feel that you and the people you work with still aren’t being as productive s you could be.