Teams That Could Underachieve In 2017… Dallas Cowboys?


It’s not easy to win the games in the NFL. Even though some teams are not as talented as the best ones, they are more than capable of taking them down as football is the ultimate team game, a sport that relies on passion and heart that players show while on the field. Motivation is a big part of the game, so there are a lot of squads that are going to use that to boost their performance. Because of that, there are those franchises that are going to fail to meet the expectations for a lot of reasons. We are here today to talk about teams that might do that.

DALLAS COWBOYS – We are not saying that the Dallas Cowboys are going to be bad and not make the Playoffs. They might still do that, but the expectations are pretty high going into the 2017 season after having the monster year of 2016. There are people that are going to pick them to win the Super Bowl. This squad just can’t meet those expectations. Around 10 wins for this team would be good, but we wouldn’t be surprised if they go under that.

JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS – They have gotten better on both sides of the ball in the last two years, but they didn’t show much improvement record-wise last year. They are playing in a weak division, and people will expect them to be competitive, but they could fall flat yet again. It’s all on Bortles. Are you really willing to bet on him?

ATLANTA FALCONS – With the Super Bowl appearance in their pocket, this team is ready to continue where they left off. The same could have been said for the Panthers after 2015, but we saw what happened with them the next year. Shanahan is gone from Atlanta, their defense is still not elite, and they might struggle to meet the Super Bowl-level expectations that are going to be associated with them.