TCL 10 Pro VS TCL 10L – Which One Best for You?


Whenever people think about TCL, they always think about mid-range TV. But, things are likely to change with the same company entering the world of smartphones. It is now entering smartphone waters with its two unique models, under 10 Pro and 10L. These are the two budget-friendly smartphones, which will also look surprisingly compelling.

These phones were primarily showcased at CES 2024 and part of the company’s major plans to become a mainstay in the field of Android market. Even though both these phones are known to be budget-friendly in nature, but they are pretty different, thanks to sizable price disparity. They actually joined the TCL Plex budget that was primarily released in some of the selected markets in this year 2024.

The 10L from this house comes in one manageable $249, but the 10 Pro won’t be that cheap. It will cost you around $449. Right from the outset of these phones, you can get quite a proper helping hand of modern smartphone for both of these models, at lower entry fees. After keeping this thought in mind, if you are trying to shop for a new smartphone on a restricted budget, TCL 10 series might be grabbing your attention now. Let’s talk about these two models from the same series, to help get the finest first impression handy.

Go for the design first:

The 10 Pro and TCL 10L will share various traits, but the expensive Pro model will be catching your eye the most. This model comes with a fit and finishes the look, which you can expect from the premium models. The Pro model comes with FHD+ AMOLED display at 6.47 inches. This display is known to be quite vibrant, bright and will stretch from one edge to another.

  • When you consider the price, the Pro version feels a little out of place because of the cost-effective price to it. Getting such a fantastic display at such a lower rate is a dream for many, which will come true now!
  • Now, when it comes to the 10L model, it is proven to be quite modest, to say the least. This phone is also not lagging behind with the screen size at 6.53 inches LCD Display.
    Yes, this LCD display is not that vibrant like the Pro model, but it is flat rather being curved. That’s why this model is easier for you to use without any potential for taps or phantom touches.
  • You will realize why the Pro model is so expensive. It is because of the metal and glass body, which looks absolutely amazing, to say the least.
  • That being said, the plastic rear panel of the 10L model is the only complaint you will get from the users. Even though the cheaper one feels more or less like the rest of the competitive models, but the Pro will remind you of the recent OnePlus handsets.
  • In terms of specifications, TCL 10 Pro is here with Qualcomm Snapdragon-based 675 chipset. Not only that, but it has 6GM RAM and 128GB of expandable storage. Then you have the TCL 10L, which has Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 chipset. It has the same RAM of 6GB, but the expandable storage is just of 64GB microSD.
  • The 675 snapdragons as you can get in the Pro model will be a little at odds with what the company is trying to achieve with it. So, this one may not be a good choice for the long term. But, the TCL 10L, on the other hand, is a well-equipped option with its 665 snapdragons, especially once you check the pricing.

Performance of the phones and the software involved:

This one area seems to be a big miss or hit for the Pro model. For most of the part, the software of the Pro will be what you call an expert feel. It proves to be reasonable snappy in nature, but with some pretty sizable slowdowns once in a while.

  • But, the external design of the Pro version provides a false power sense. It is quite good for daily tasks, but when it comes to high-end gaming or multi-tasking, the software won’t be up to your preferred level.
  • At this point, the 10L model, with its cheaper rate, will ensure more tempered expectations. So, the users will be prepared beforehand to mitigate and manage slowdowns.
  • The TCL software with the Android 10 belt seems to be a perfect hybrid of MIUI, iOS and Poco Launcher. So, it may not be the worst possible skin experience, but there are some bloat pre-installed within, which is the last thing you want.

Head towards the camera now:

You will enjoy plenty of photographic options with these two models from the house of TCL. It is amazing how this brand fulfils to pack four top-notch lenses on both 10Pro and 10L models. It is more than enough for maximum people out there.

With the 10L version, you will receive 48MP of main sensor camera and with 8 MP wide-angle camera, 2MP of a macro lens and 2 MP of the depth sensor. It is not at all bad for a smartphone which won’t even cost you $250 dollars.
On the other hand, you have the TCL Pro 10 model, which comes with a beefier setup. It has 64 MP main sensor camera, plus 16Mp ultra-wide, 5MP macro lens and 2MP super low light video sensor.

So, in terms of camera and picture quality specifications, both these models can prove to be a clever choice for many. Now, the kind of picture you will receive in the end depends on the model you have chosen. If you have enough money to invest, then always head for the Pro 10 version over 10L. But, if you don’t have a hefty budget to invest, then 10L will work just fine!

Without wasting your time further, get one now! For the users with extra budget plans sorted out, the TCL Pro 10 will be a clever choice. But, you can even try out the 10L version, within your tight budget rates!