This will be the first game for Colin Kaepernick at home for almost a year. He and his team will have a great opportunity to win this match at their Levi’s Stadium against the Bucs. Tampa Bay is banged up right now so they will have a hard time moving the ball against San Francisco on their home turf.

Colin Kaepernick didn’t really have a good day against the Buffalo Bills. It was hard for him to carry this Niners team on the road against a squad with that kind of defense. Bills’ are on a roll right now so we really can’t judge Kaep by his performance against them. This is a game in which Colin needs to show up to play and be productive. He has a great shot to make a good impression on his coach. We think he will be productive on Sunday.

Vincent Jackson is now on IR list; Doug Martin is most likely out for this game, and Jameis Winston will be left alone on Sunday. They’ll need him to ball out and play the best game of this season in order for this team to be successful on Sunday. It’s hard to imagine that he’ll be able to do that since he didn’t show us much during this year.

Niners are the favorites in this one, and we will pick them to win this game. They are not to be trusted, but neither are the Buccaneers. Kaepernick will score two touchdowns and Niners will take this match 24:17. More importantly, hopefully for San Francisco, it will mark the return of Colin Kaepernick and his great games.