Djokovic, who is at this moment is number two tennis player in the world, has indulged himself and his family with a new luxurious apartment on Miami Beach.

His new apartment can be found at the premium and luxurious residential skyscraper, Eighty Seven Park. It has three bedroom and three bathrooms while the entire space that the apartment holds is surrounded by terraces. The apartment that is to become a new residence of the popular tennis player is not yet completed, and it is the work of the famous architect Renzo Piano who also designed the Whitney Museum in New York.

Djokovic did not reveal the exact price of his new apartment, but we know that the initial price of a three bedroom residences in this tower is about 5.9 million dollars. As we have already said, this magnificent building is still in the construction process and should be finished next year. Djokovic and his family will move into their new home upon its completion.

According to Novak, he was attracted by all the services that this building offers and especially with a panoramic view that stretches from his new apartment.

“It all provides the perfect lifestyle for me and my wife, Jelena,” Novak said.

Apart from that, his apartment, which is one of the seventy residences that exist in this tower, will have an interior that will be the work of Renas Dumas Architecture Interieure. It will contain windows from floor to ceiling and the design palette that offers a view of the nearby beach.


The size of apartments in the new building range from 140 and go up to 700 m2 and alongside, the tenants will get the keys of the luxurious private park that is ideal for enjoying and relaxing.

“This is an unexpected location in a neighborhood that’s rapidly growing and that’s what attracted me.”