Taco Charlton: “The Expectations Are High”


The Dallas Cowboys have had a lot of trouble putting the pressure on opposing quarterbacks. They were one of the worst teams in the NFL when it comes to sacks, and that is one of their biggest weaknesses. That is why they went in the draft and planned to take some defensive ends in order to boost that position. With DeMarcus Lawrence now back on the roster and healthy, the Dallas Cowboys are looking to attack signal callers.

Another guy that is going to be doing this with the star on his helmet is Taco Charlton, a guy that the Cowboys spent their first round selection on. The defensive end that should help them get some sacks and put the pressure on opposing quarterbacks, a guy that is talented and will have a big target on his back because of it. He knows that all the lights will point in his face when he takes the field.


“I know the expectations are high for me from the outside, but also I make sure my expectations are high myself. There’s really no pressure because I don’t put any pressure on myself, I just play football. I’m good at this game and I know what I can do. So it’s really just going out there, believing in my ability, and showing my game.”

These are the words that every fan base wants to hear from a young player that is more than ready to prove himself. The defense will need to step up if the Cowboys want to win the Super Bowl this year and Taco Charlton might just be the guy to lead the charge.