T-Mobile US Inc (TMUS) Striving To Rope In BlackBerry Ltd (BBRY) Customers


In April last year, BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) terminated its relationship with T-Mobile US Inc (NYSE:TMUS). This was the direct result of the wireless carrier’s move to orchestrate an advertising campaign encouraging folks to ditch their BlackBerry for an iPhone. Not surprisingly BlackBerry was infuriated with its wireless carrier partner.

BlackBerry CEO John Chen later stated in a press release that BlackBerry and T-Mobile had enjoyed a productive relationship for several years. Unfortunately, the two organization’s strategies failed to match. Hence, BlackBerry had to intervene keeping in mind the best interest of the handset’s customers. However, they hoped to associate with T-Mobile once again in the future when the two organization’s business strategies match.

It was a diplomatic way to terminate a business relationship where Chen foresaw that the two organizations may collaborate again. That is precisely what occurred as the two companies became associates again previously this year with the wireless carrier offering support for BlackBerry’s latest models in a low-key way.

Currently, it looks like the two companies have let bygones be bygones. T-Mobile is making a clear attempt to reach out to the handset’s user base. Instead of just offering support to BlackBerry handsets on its extensive network, T-Mobile is offering incentives to customers to change over. The organization has a marketing campaign on its site targeted at customers of BlackBerry termed “Bring Your BlackBerry To T-Mobile.”

The page informs people that a simple changeover of their SIM card could get them aboard the quickest nationwide 4G LTE network. Changingover mandates a T-Mobile plan as well as a new SIM card. Moreover, the company described in detail the steps on its site making it very convenient for BlackBerry users to change over. Interested BlackBerry users have to choose a plan and are supplied with a T-Mobile 3-in-1 SIM pack, as well as an unlocked BlackBerry device compatible with the T-Mobile network.

BlackBerry requires better distribution as well as promotion to revive its declining handset business. T-Mobile also stands to gain by BlackBerry’s resurrection. BlackBerry is predicted to launch a new smartphone shortly with 4G capabilities that operates on the Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG)’s Android OS, and now there is a high probability that it will be available on T-Mobile’s extensive network. All eyes are on the Android-powered Venice slider now.

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