Symantec Corporation (NASDAQ:SYMC) Expands Security Operations in Singapore


Symantec Corporation (NASDAQ:SYMC) has set aside a fraction of the $50 million online security investment fund to be used in the development of a new security operations center in Singapore.

The new operations center will be the fourth location in the Asia-Pacific region and the sixth security operations center in the world. Symantec claims that the investments will double the number of cyber security experts in Chennai to more than 200. It will also expand the support for India and Japan.

According to Peter Sparkes, the company’s Senior Director of cyber security, the number of cyber security professionals will be doubled in 12 months in the Chennai SOC. The increased capacity will help address the increasing security concerns brought forward by many businesses on a daily basis. Mr. Sparkes also added that the Singapore SOC is vital to the company because it allows Symantec to cover or cater to the whole region.

The additional cyber security experts will come from other operations centers as well as from Singapore. Mr. Sparkes also noted that the new security operations center will not only cater for Singapore but also the rest of Asia and particularly in China. Sparkes also noted that the Chennai SOC has been operating with the help of the other Asian SOCS because 30% of the staff in Chennai was affected by the heavy floods.

The new operations center will collect customer data at time intervals of three to five minutes on a daily basis. The data will then be processed, analyzed, patterned matched and sent back to customers to speed up the response to security threats they have reported. Mr. Sparkes also revealed that the company has plans to include more focus in Europe. There will be plans to launch more facilities in the region over the next one year.

Samir Kapuria, the company’s senior VP and GM of cyber security services stated that the current technology alone is not enough to ward off advanced threats. Companies need security experts upfront to handle critical events that need immediate attention. He added that increasing the number of experts in these regions will help the company enhance security for its customers.

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