According to TheWrap, a new YouTube series titled “Lifeline” which is produced by the great former wrestler Dwayne The Rock Johnson will star Sydney Park and Zach Gilford. If you haven’t heard about it, the series revolves around a life insurance company that not many people know of. Its agents are supposed to prevent certain accidents from happening and thus save their clients’ lives. They are able to leap 33 days into the future and accomplish that, which is what makes their agency so special.

The protagonist of the series, Charlie Hooks, is the top performer at the life insurance company. He has never failed to save a client’s life, and he is utterly committed to his job, and even shows the willingness to sacrifice his own life, which he proves in an episode when the young Norah (Park) is orphaned on his watch.


In addition to the two stars mentioned above, the rest of the cast will include Eden Estrella, who will play Norah, Lilan Bowden as Jasmine and Usman Ally as Nathan. Besides Johnson, Brian Gewirtz, Dany Garcia, and Hiram Garcia are also the executive producers of the show, while the script was written by Ben Freiburger and Grant Wheeler. Sam Gorski and Niko Pueringer, the founders of Corridor Digital, will direct Lifeline, which is set to debut sometime this year.

Lifeline is not the only project Johnson has recently worked on. He is doing his best to stay true to his roots, as he eventually reappeared as The Rock at Wrestlemania. That is not all as he is also committed to his acting career, as well as some completely new projects, such as the recently launched Project Rock, a new lifestyle brand which covers various products (e.g. Project Rock bags).



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