The Svakom Julie Anal Plug Review


Butt plugs – they’re the toy you need for peak sexual pleasure.

They add so much to your sexual experience. You can use them as standalone for anal pleasure and prostate stimulation.

Or, you can use them during vaginal sex (for women), and as a way to intensify your experience.

But whatever you choose, you need the right model. You need a toy that’s high quality and long-lasting…

Plus, it has to deliver a wide range of experiences!

And that’s what the Svakom Julie does. Today, we’ll discuss this toy, its features, and what it makes it one of the best options to try!

First – The Basics.

Julie is a remote controlanal plug. That is, it combines the functions of a vibrator into its toy.

As a result, this is a toy that you can use anally and vaginally.

It works well as a g-spot stimulator, and with a remote option, you get a level of control that few vibrators offer!

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More on the Remote

It’s a simple 3-button device. And that’s what you need for ease of use.

Why? Because you don’t want too many confusing buttons in a sex toy. You don’t want to spend minutes toggling just to reach the right setting.

A few buttons are enough. From there, you have a small learning curve on how to use the remote.

As for your options, those 3 buttons give you 26 vibration levels!

Second – Vibration Options.

This toy gives you 5 vibration rhythms. Plus, each rhythm comes with 5 intensity options, giving you 25 totals!

As for the 26th option – that would be the toy’s “intelligent mode!

How Do “Rhythm” and “Intensity” Differ?

Rhythm defines the pace of the toy’s vibration.

Basically, with rhythm, the toy mimics different stages of your sexual experience. It differentiates between the following modes…

  • Normal.
  • Caressing.
  • Joyous.
  • Passionate.
  • Climax.

As for intensity, that’s how strong the toy vibrates. And it lets you pick strength suitable for your tastes and tolerances!

As you can see, this remote control butt plug gives you many customization options. And we wouldn’t be surprised if it takes you months to fully explore all its modes!

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Third – Manageability.

This is a butt plug. So there’s always a “cleaning problem” after use.

The toy will smell. It’ll have an odor, especially if you use it anally for a prostate massage. And you’ll need to clean it thoroughly.

Fortunately, the toy is designed from a material that allows easy and thorough cleaning – this being silicone.

The Pros.

The outer silicone layer protects the inner electronics from water. So you can rinse the toy well without fearing any damages!

Plus, the toy doesn’t absorb water – nor does it react with most cleaning soaps (it’s designed to withstand lubrication too).

So you get a resilient but soft outer fabric. And that makes the toy easy to clean, and easier to dry!


Fourth – Convenience.

Did we mention that this toy doesn’t use a cord – or replaceable batteries? The SVAKOM Julie is rechargeable. It has a recharge time of 1 hour, and it can function continuously for 3 hours! So you can use this toy for prolonged periods of time. And you’ll never have to worry about the toy’s intensity dropping mid-session!

Final Trait – Affordability.

The SVAKOM Julie only costs $75. That’s not much for a toy of its quality. Expect to pay more for a similar model that delivers its ease of use and customer experience. Plus, it comes with a one year guarantee. So It lasts you long for its price!