Suzuki e-Survivor Concept Comes From A Sci-Fi Movie?!


The Tokyo Motor Show is one of the largest in the world, and domestic manufacturers are eager to unveil the new creations, production cars, and concept in Japan’s capital. One of the carmakers that are going to present an interesting vehicle is Suzuki with its e-Survivor concept. The concept is, basically, an SUV that has four in-wheel electric motors and it looks as if it came from a Sci-Fi movie.

The vehicle is completely unique with drastically short overhangs and the unusual body. The compact size of this SUV is believed to be the future, at least by Suzuki, whereas the car lacks conventional wheel arches, which gives us a look at the suspension setup of this 4×4 model. The e-Survivor concept only has room for two passengers, and interestingly enough, there is no roof. However, the car is equipped with electrically retractable running boards and sports a modern front fascia that has circular LED headlights and illuminated five-slot grille. If this front fascia reminds you of the one on the Jimny, you are right, but it looks futuristic on this concept.


Inside, there is a huge full-width head-up display whereas the screen is embedded into the steering wheel which has a flat bottom. There is another large display on the center console, and it is shaped like a sphere, while it provides valuable information to the driver. Suzuki built two small screens into the seats and one additional for the passenger. The cool thing about the e-Survivor is that it has speakers and air conditioning ducts located within the seats.

In 2023, Suzuki is going to celebrate 100 years of existence as the company was established in 1920. Meanwhile, the e-Survivor concept is based on the truck-derived ladder frame configuration, which is one of the oldest ones in the market.


When it comes to the Tokyo Show, we expect to see a wide array of cars from Japanese automakers such as Subaru, Nissan, Mazda, Toyota, Lexus, and Mitsubishi. As for the Suzuki e-Survivor concept, although far-fetched, it will look cool on the podium.