Handy Tips To Surprise Your Long Distance Lover


Love is the supreme feeling in the world. Loving someone will make you responsible; it will make you smile even in the most difficult situations. Whenever you see him or her walking towards you, your adrenaline will rise high up, and you will feel like you are out of breath. Love will also calm you down in difficult situations. Even though you are far away from each other, it will always keep you bonded together.

However, it becomes arduous for people in a distant relationship. It becomes quite hard to express your love to your partner who is far, far away. If you want to make him or her feel special, it is always better to surprise them. Some of the handy tips to surprise your lover:

Send gifts


The best way to surprise your mate is by sending them gifts. People always love receiving gifts, especially if it comes from someone special. Living in a distant place is still difficult. It often happens that your partner does not get hold of important things; you can surprise them by sending them those crucial things.

You can also send them cute stuff that will always remind them about you. Sometimes, you cannot understand which gift will be suitable for your partner. At those times, always think about their taste and color that they would love yours to have. All these gifts will remind her about yours. So, they will cherish it always.

Use old methods


Good old methods are the best way to increase your love. Instead of sending a big SMS, try to write a letter to your partner. Even though people have forgotten to write letters to each other, it is still the best way to communicate, especially when your lover is staying at a distant place. The letter will increase your urge to meet and your love for each other.

Send beautiful postcards or long letters stating about your everyday life without them. How you miss your partner, how you miss the place where you first met. Pour your heart out on those letters. When your mate reads them, they will feel your love, and it will make them emotional. Many people can express themselves well by writing, so use your skills and tell them everything in your heart; words coming from your heart will always be adored.

Play games together


Many online games are available today, where couples can gang up together and play, or you can play opposite to each other. Bring your competitiveness, challenge one another in video games. Many guys love to play video games and online games like PUBG, Minecraft, Clash of Clans, etc. You can join them, make the team together and play while talking and instructing each other.

This will make you feel that both of you are together and spend time with your partner. If you are not fond of video games and then suddenly start playing, this will surprise your partner, and you will have the best bond.

Sudden meetup

To surprise your partner, you should plan for a sudden meetup. You should choose all the possible locations where your partner will visit during the day; you should show up suddenly in front of them and surprise them. You can arrange for a few things like decorating the place or suddenly surprising them by showing up on their way. This will be exciting and surprising for your partner.

The sudden meet up will also make you bring out all your love for your partner. This will build a secure relationship between you both.

Use various Couple Apps

Social media has advanced a lot, and there are many apps invented to make easy communication. You will find many exciting couple apps that draw both of you together. You can use these applications to plan your destinations together or record what you both would love to do.

There are many sites where you can fulfill your desires and fantasies. If you want to have an exciting experience with your mate, you should check out www.webcamsites.com; it is one of the best sites where you can have some fun together.

Use creative methods

You should develop some of the best creative methods or ideas that will keep both of you together. To maintain your love for each other, you do not need to talk for a long time. You need to give time to each other to think about your present situations and miss each other. You can call her suddenly and send pictures, audio. To spice up, you can also start talking dirty, surprising your partner. This will work as a glue for your relationship, and you would not like to leave your relationship.

It is better to avoid miscommunication. This can also lead to misunderstandings. You can also grow tired. So, give time to hold the value of your relationship.

Use this distance to make your relationship better


Long-distance relationships are the best way to test and know about yourselves. It is the best time to understand how to live apart and still be together. This will help you to understand better and improve your relationship. Strengthen your relationship, share things and thoughts.

Know about yourselves and how you can come out from different situations. LDR will give you the best opportunities; you need to make the most out of it. You both need to pass this test with flying colors and understand if you are suited for each other.


There will be many problems in your relationship. But, if you can overcome these times, you will face a new morning that will be full of opportunities, and both of you will be together hand in hand. You will believe in your partner and strengthen your relationship. Love will take tests at every step both of you need to overcome them holding your hands high. To prevent losing the spark in your relationship, follow the tips mentioned in this article. This will help you both to be together and know your strengths and weaknesses.