Surprise on the X Factor


Surprise on the X Factor – Calvin Harris and Alesha Dixon to be special guests at the X Factor Judges Houses.

Judges of the X Factor will be joined by two pop artists that will be entering the fray from other judges luxury houses.

The process of auditioning the candidates is reaching the boiling point. Someone is in for a cruel awakening, and yet someone may just start dreaming.

Unlike before, this year’s judges will have help in the shape of two very popular artists, who will be aiding them in making the right choices.

Alesha Dixon, the judge on Britain’s Got Talent together with ultra-popular songwriter and music-maker Calvin Harris will be participating in making decisions on who has or doesn’t have the X Factor.

Alesha is a very good and reasonable choice to be a part of the jury in The X factor, considering that she has a lot of experience in show business. She has performed as a solo singer, and as a part of the band. Not to mention her practical knowledge acquired while being the judge on the BGT. With all of this said, she better than anyone is the right person to be evaluating the candidates.

She will closely work with the Irishman Louis Walsh, who has been making some questionable choices lately. Also, Alesha has made a statement that she holds no responsibility for his choices, but that she will work together with him to ensure all the right decisions are made. They will be judgmental to all of the candidates from a mansion in Ibiza.

At the same time, Calvin Harris has teamed up with Nicole Scherzinger, and they will be the team of judges from Nice.

Worldwide popular DJ has been spending some time behind the scenes in Nice, getting into the role of the X Factor judge. They both didn’t miss the chance to show the world, trough social networks (Snapchat),  just how good time they are having.