A sub-NSX roadster possibly in the prep, revealed by mystery spy shots


Spy photographers have been working overtime lately and thanks to that they managed to catch something very mysterious and too extreme to be a production model. Apparently, whatever that something is, it as well could be a concept for a sub-NSX model ZSX or the oh-so-often-rumored S2000 revival.

What tells us that this isn’t something that is even near production is the ultra-low front end without any visible headlights and something that can be described only as a stubby windshield. Out back you can see the intakes built in the rear fender that has a task of allowing air for the engine which is probably fitted at the back. One more thing visible out back is the high-mounted exhausts that allow this car to have a large diffuser. If you take a closer look, you can also see a “Sport” embedded in the metal between the tailpipes.


The overall design of the car resembles a Honda-trademarked design which was protected by Honda on May 5, 2015, and until now we could only see the roadster in basic, computer-generated drawings posted by the European Union Intellectual Property Office. According to some info we have, this roadster can’t be the future ZSX because this car was pictured in California and Honda does not have the rights to that name in the US. Honda trademarked the title in Europe in July 2016 but gave up the rights to the title in the United States in 2012, and that is all according to U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.


But we took a closer look and decided that this roadster could be closer to the Honda models like the S2000 and S660 in Japan. Some of the styling cues are unmistakably taken from the S660, but with somewhat bigger proportions this roadster makes those parts look even more aggressive. But this is where our investigations stop because not a lot of info is available regarding this one. We simply couldn’t find anything that could indicate if this one will even see the production or anything close to that. As far as we see it now, it is just something that emerged just after the patent filing, and it is possibly showing us the way Honda is keeping a secret their backbone chassis design of the Project 2&4 Concept. There is no clear connection between those two, of course, but this is a clear indicator that the engineers over at Honda never stop creating concepts and working on a minimalist sports car. Maybe if we get lucky, some form of a road-going variant of this brainstorm might even hit the dealership floors.

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