7 Styling Hacks That’ll Instantly Improve Any Outfit – 2024 Guide


Improving your outfit game by simply getting new accessories or clothes is the easiest way. However, here is the catch: it is also the priciest one. A bit of imagination, a few twists, and you will be able to improve any outfit in a few seconds. But it is easier said than done, right? Not really, with some guidance and tips, you can freshen your outfit quickly. So, less talk and more help. These simple 7 tips will improve your fashion game with no or just a little spending. Come on, let’s start changing your outfit now!

1. Knots and even more knots!

Source: fmag.com

Do you have an oversized t-shirt that seems too long, too boring, and just too much to look cute? Tie it in a knot in the middle, on the right, or you know, left side. Tuck it underneath itself by rolling. Use your imagination and all the knots, and your outfit will gain that needed playfulness that will look amazing with high waist jeans or a long skirt. If a t-shirt is not your go-to, maybe you have some classical plaid shirt lying there in your closet forgotten and lost there? Simply undo a few of the bottom buttons and tie a knot right there. Match it with black leather pants, and you will be ready for a casual and comfortable evening out, or you can rock this comfortable look in a concert!

2. Cuff your pants

Source: ikon.com.pk

Do you have pants that are too long, or listen here – a bit too short for you? They might be lying there in your closet, being forgotten, lovely little misfits, waiting for the right day that just never came. Save them and save your outfit by simply cuffing them. If the pants are too short, by cuffing it, you make it look intentional, and if the pants are too long, you will finally be able to show off your boots or trainers that are already cute. Refresh your outfit and give a second chance for your clothes. Cuff your tight pants as tighter fit looks better, and roll your baggier ones – this way, you will add some playfulness with intended chaos.

3. Phone cases! Not just plain ones!

It might come as a surprise, but a stylish or unique phone case will also improve your outfit. Forget those plain silicone cases that add nothing or the bulky flip ones that wear and tear by a simple touch. Add some color and flair that you can achieve with a cute designer phone case. You spend a lot of time looking at your phone and really deserve to look stunning while holding it. Create a fashion show in your hand with these protective and cute phone cases that you can find at burga.com

4. Scarfs and handkerchiefs

Source: rollingstone.com

Your closet surely has many scarfs, handkerchiefs, and other cute pieces of fabric that you intended to use but somehow forgotten about. Now you need to just use it. If tying it around your neck is not your game, use it to tie your hair. Simply roll it, tie it on your head instead of a headband and make a bad hair day into an Instagram-ready one. Play with colors and add a splash of them to your style. All black clothes with a bright hair accessory will add that needed playfulness while showcasing your wild and free self without making you feel way out of your comfort zone.

5. Hair tie to the help

Source: realmenrealstyle.com

Like to showcase your accessories by rolling your sleeves up? But sometimes the sleeves simply do not like to cooperate and constantly roll the sleeves up when trying to do any work that requires bending where gravity becomes your enemy makes you want to give up and just let them hang low and forget it all? No worries! Use a thin hair elastic band. Just push up your sleeve, throw a hair tie on it, and cuff over your sleeve, cover any shreds of evidence, and here you go, gravity is no longer your enemy number one, and your accessories can finally catch the eyes of others all of the time. No-fuss and no worries!

6. The ultimate statement… socks!

Source: youworkforthem.com


The world of socks is just wild, and we are sure you have many of them. Sometimes a pair of socks turn into a dozen of single ones. Just like bobby pins, they tend to disappear and reappear out of nowhere. Have bright, colorful ones? Let them show. Wear them with tennis shoes or sneakers and add a splash of color. Have long and bright ones that somehow were not unpacked? Wear them with boots. Add some color to your fall outfit and keep your legs warm while still wearing a cute skirt. Also, remember the socks that went missing in action? Mix and match them. Cuffed ripped jeans, different socks, white sneakers, and a simple band tee that you tied with a knot, and here you go, find some street art and snap a picture for your Instagram.

7. Double side tape to the rescue!

Source: amazon.com

Have a dress that keeps on rolling from your shoulders? A t-shirt that has just too long sleeves? Or a skirt that is a few inches too modest? You can always use some thread and a needle, but not everyone is that qualified for this job, or simply there is not enough patience, or you simply do not have that crafty side that can create a beautiful seam just like that. Use some double-sided tape and attach the dress to your bra straps. Just like that, your dress will stay in place while never revealing them. Roll that skirt and keep it in place with the tape. No mess, no worries, and no damage, as you can always remove the tape and get back to the original length. With no cutting, you will not have permanent mistakes here. Just the cheapest and easiest way to add new style to your outfits.