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Instagram regularly changes so that its users change their approach towards the social media platform. If you’ve noticed a slight decrease in your Instagram’s account growth, and engagement, then it’s time for you to change your strategy. This is vital because you can’t afford to be left behind the pecking order, and your business will suffer greatly because of it. On Instagram, staying relevant is key, and continued growth is the only way to stay relevant. So for that reason, we are going to tell you our strategies that will help you skyrocket your Instagram account.

1. Use Automation

Engaging on Instagram with your audience can be considered the number one rule to stay relevant. And remember, you need to grow to maintain that relevancy. Engaging on Instagram is a brilliant way to grow your account. This can be easily done with Instagram bot services that will comment, like, and in general, engage with your audience during your busy schedule. These services are not the sole requirement, but they are very useful and very convenient.

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2. Create a Unique Hashtag for Your Account

Hashtags are the bread and butter of Instagram because they can open many doors to many new people. For this strategy, we recommend you keep using your old hashtags, but the only difference will be to find and create a unique hashtag that will best suit you and your account. As soon as your hashtag takes off, and people start using it, you can use it to your advantage to interact even more with your audience and thank them for their support. This will make them feel appreciated, and they will help you even more.

3. Taking Shortcuts

Growing your Instagram account can take months if not years, and that is a valuable time that you don’t have on your hands. You can take a shortcut towards the road to Instagram greatness by buying real likes and followers. With services like LikesForge, you can buy real quality Instagram likes and followers that will help you skyrocket your Instagram account. These likes and followers come from verified accounts, unlike some services which offer cheap, low-quality likes and followers.

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4. Use Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are like little teasers for your account. They work the same as Snapchat, and they can be used to express yourself or show off the new product you’ve been working on. They allow you to post a quick video or a picture with captions on it, and lately, they have been the best way to gain followers as well as, drive traffic towards your account. Instagram made a huge algorithm update not long ago, that prioritizes the use of Instagram Stories by business accounts. This means that using Instagram Stories will drive engagement through the roof.

5. Post Regularly

A study conducted in 2017 found that posting regularly is a key component for skyrocketing your Instagram’s account growth. The study monitored over 100.000 Instagram accounts and found that handlers who posted at least one time per day saw a drastic increase of growth, compared to handlers who posted a few times per week.  This can be aided with the use of the content schedule, and it can help you streamline your content massively.  What this tells us is that you need to be consistent with your content, and the more active you are, the more growth you will see.