What Does Stone Cold Think About Jinder Mahal Being The Champion?


If someone knows what it takes to get over with the fans both as a cocky heel or a babyface, Stone Cold Steve Austin is the guy. He is probably the biggest star that the business has ever seen. His opinion matters a lot as this guy knows the basics of the business, what it takes to be successful and to make it on the biggest stage.

He does have his Stone Cold podcast as a platform to express his opinions and thoughts. Stone Cold is also usually asked to comment on the stuff that is going on in WWE, and there is no hotter topic right now than Jinder Mahal becoming the WWE Champion by beating The Viper Randy Orton at Backlash.

Steve Austin has said that he actually talked with Jinder Mahal before the TNA wanted to pick him up. The higher ups have asked Stone Cold about Jinder and his opinion on him, and he was the one to give them positive feedback. Then, WWE came in, probably gave the current champ a much better offer, so it was no brainer for Jinder to end up on Raw rather than in the Impact Zone. When asked about what he thinks of him as the champion, here is what he had to say.


“He’s got a great look, a great body. Oh, dude, The Mahajara nickname has cool factor written all over it. Plus, if you play with arrogance, it works for you. But, dude, down the road, I think that it spells money. I think the kid has got a great look.”

Without a doubt, Stone Cold supports Jinder and has the opinion that he could be one of the biggest stars of the company.