Stone Cold Back With WWE Full Time?


Nobody in the history of the wrestling was a bigger star than Stone Cold Steve Austin when he was in his prime. It all started with his push towards winning the King Of The Ring and him cutting that famous Austin 3:16 promo after winning the tournament. When the insertion of Vince McMahon character happened in order to go up against the Texas Rattlesnake, that just cemented his place at the top of the food chain in the WWF.

But, unlike many other stars of the past, this guy really didn’t finish his career on a high note, with a big goodbye match or something like that nor did he start to film movies and get into the mainstream scene like The Rock did. Austin just ended his career quietly, and he hasn’t been wrestling for a while now.

We have seen a lot of the stars of the past return to WWE programming in some capacity. The most recent examples are Daniel Bryan, Mick Foley and Kurt Angle becoming general managers of the brands, with Bryan being the active GM of Smackdown Live, Angle managing Monday Night Raw and Foley being a former general manager of the red brand as well. Is Stone Cold Steve Austin open to that kind of a deal? Well, he answered that question on a recent edition of Lillian Garcia’s podcast and here is what he had to say.

“I don’t like to travel anymore Lillian. It’s like when I was in the WWE and my days before that because I give or take have been in the business thirteen or fourteen years until my neck crapped out and I got out of the business. I loved being on the road back in the day you know you’re a road warrior, you’re addicted to the road, then all of a sudden you’re out there you’ve been on the road for ten, fourteen whatever more days and you’re thinking God dang man I really want to go home.”