Stomach Sleeper Pillow And Other Essentials: 12 Hacks To Sleep Better – 2024 Guide

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One of the things that health professionals consider critical for body function is sleep. If one gets seven to eight hours of sleep each day, this gives the body enough time to repair itself. It also activates defenses and boosts the immune system, preventing one from rapid aging and common illnesses. However, a vast group of people experience difficulties when it’s time to sleep. While some resort to tossing, turning and lying on their sides, some people tend to sleep on their stomachs to get better sleep.

Stomach sleeping isn’t too common. Only 16% of adults sleep in this manner. Health experts actually advise against this style, as it may pose health issues in the long run. But if you’re more comfortable with this position, stomach sleeper pillows offered by companies like PineTales and other similar providers be your best sleeping companion.

This article walks you through simple yet effective hacks to sleep better with a stomach sleeper pillow. But before diving into these strategies, it would be a good idea first to understand what a stomach sleeper pillow is. Read on to get enlightened.

What Is A Stomach Sleeper Pillow?

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A pillow will provide you with support and comfort during sleep. Usually, pads are used to design a particular sleeping style. Many pillow developers design them with back or side sleepers in mind.

But some individuals don’t find comfort when they sleep on their backs or side. These people are usually the stomach sleepers. This is a challenging position, and experts have long warned that sleeping on your stomach can cause breathing issues. But the good news is that the market now has special pillows for them, and these are called stomach sleeper pillows.

A stomach sleeper pillow is a thin and naturally manufactured pillow that’s firm and specially designed for stomach sleepers. Here’s what a stomach sleeper can do for you:

  • Provides back, neck, and spine support to avoid pain in these areas
  • Durable, soft, and cool—offering a more comfortable sleeping experience
  • Comes in various firmness and thickness to suit the user’s preference
  • Offers more flexibility to better support the back and neck while sleeping
  • Portable enough to be used at home or to be carried around during travels

For more information about a stomach sleeper pillow, you can watch this video:


12 Hacks To Sleep Better With A Stomach Sleeper Pillow

While a stomach sleeper pillow offers great support and comfort for stomach sleepers, there are several strategies to make the experience even better. This includes the following:

1. Choose A More Moldable And Softer Pillow


When one sleeps on their stomach, their neck is usually unnaturally bent. This asserts pressure on the jaw and the neck. Again, sleeping on your stomach puts the chest and the hips directly against the mattress. This implies that a firm pillow with a considerable amount of loft should be avoided. This is because it will heighten the pressure on the spine, which can eventually lead to back, jaw, and neck pain.

To avoid the inconveniences mentioned above, a moldable and soft pillow is the most desirable option. Some pillows, especially those with shredded foam, can be adjusted to suit your sleeping demands. This is because the filling can be either added or removed. It is also advised to pick a low pillow, loft, and plush. This will keep the head very close to the mattress, making it properly aligned to one’s body.

2. Put A Pillow Under Your Hips

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Many stomach sleepers, especially those who haven’t learned about hack number one yet, ditched the pillow altogether after becoming aware of how it can cause an awkward back-bending of their neck.

However, there’s another issue commonly faced by stomach sleepers that a pillow can help with. It’s the thrusting pelvis problem. Putting a pillow under the hips will keep a stomach sleeper’s pelvis slightly elevated, preventing the awkward thrusting motion that the body automatically does. That said, ditching the pillow altogether isn’t really a good idea.

3. Pick A Firm Mattress

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If you’re a stomach sleeper, you need to choose a mattress that will promote proper alignment of your spine during the night. Sleeping on the stomach increases the danger of neck and back pain. So, to avoid neck and back pain, ensure the hips and chest don’t extremely sink into the mattress. This is only possible if you make use of a mattress that’s firm or medium. While a stomach sleeper pillow can provide you with back and neck support, it won’t be 100% effective if your mattress cannot equally offer such support either.

Choices of mattresses that are better for stomach sleepers include:

  • Memory Foams: Memory foam adjusts to a stomach sleeper’s position and body, making sleeping always comfortable. However, most memory foam mattresses tend to sink and trap heat. That’s why it’s best to go for memory foam products with cooling cooper material and a variable support system. Yes, some have those features. The variable support system allows the mattress to react to pressure in the hips, shoulders, and other deep compression areas with a firming response. At the same time, the cooling copper pulls heat away from the body. Such features leave a stomach sleeper comfortable and cool throughout the night. Memory foam mattresses also give stomach sleepers the benefit of flippable firmness. Depending on a stomach sleeper’s preferences, they can choose between one with extra support or go for a little extra cushion.
  • Innerspring: Another great mattress for belly sleepers is innerspring. Layers of coils characterize innerspring mattresses. Most of them have thin layers of additional cushioning and are very firm. However, it’s essential to note that when still new, innerspring mattresses provide even support; frequent usage, though, makes them sag.
    That’s why stomach sleepers have to replace their aging innerspring immediately or when they begin to show signs of sagging. An old sagging mattress will only leave a stomach sleeper’s back and joints in a terrible situation, causing strain and pain.
  • Hybrid Mattresses: A hybrid mattress is another great option. It’s precisely what it sounds like. It marries innovative memory foam with an innerspring mattress’s traditional support. That’s why hybrid mattresses provide a balance between comfort and support for stomach sleepers. Simply put, hybrid mattresses have springs that make them extra sturdy, preventing a stomach sleeper’s midsection from sinking right into the bed. They also have memory foam that relieves excess force from pressure points as it enfolds the body.

4. Keep Your Legs Straight Throughout The Night

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Most stomach sleepers tend to pull one knee up towards their body. In the beginning, this is usually comfortable. Yet, if done for a long duration, it worsens back pain since it keeps the spine out of alignment. To prevent health risks, it’s a good idea to straighten the spine. Position the limbs in a way that won’t leave the back twisting or curving unnaturally. In other words, just keep your legs straight as you sleep.

5. Prop Your Body With An Additional Pillow

A good number of sleep experts advise stomach sleepers to make an effort towards sleeping in a side position. However, this is hard for people who have formed a habit of sleeping on their stomach. So, for assistance, use a pillow to prop you towards the side. A breathable pillow that’s larger and firmer is the best choice here. This helps you keep cool and comfortable throughout the night.

6. Pick A Bed That Has Additional Cooling Comfort

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This is yet another essential hack for stomach sleepers since most of their body is usually in direct contact with the mattress. To prevent them from sweating during the night, beds with extra cooling features would be a great choice.

7. Practice Stretching Before And After Sleeping

This is a superb way to fight pains that are incurred while sleeping. That’s because stretching increases flexibility and even rejuvenates the body after waking up. Stretching is also another natural way to push the pelvis back.

Yoga practices are equally helpful. The child’s pose is one of the yoga poses that can help give stomach sleepers a restful night’s sleep. It requires stomach sleepers to sit with their shins on the floor with their toes pointed backward. They then need to push their pelvis downward and reach forward. To ensure that both sides of the back are stretched, it’s best to alternate between right and left when practicing the child’s pose.

8. Align Your Body Better Before Falling Asleep

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Is it mandatory for you to sleep on your stomach? If yes, ensure your hips are straightened and position your hands by your sides. Make sure your spine isn’t twisted or curved. This isn’t the most suitable position, but it’s far better than being off-center or twisted.

9. Use A Pillow For Your Forehead

This is another amazing trick for stomach sleepers. If you’re one of them, consider putting a pillow on your forehead. What’s the purpose of this pillow? It’s going to keep your breathing passage open since the head is kept elevated. Remember, experts usually warn about this health risk. That’s why sleeping on your stomach is not the most recommended position. But a forehead pillow is a great workaround to that problem. Consequently, you won’t keep turning your head just to breathe enough air. This is vital as the continuous turning of the head will prevent from having a comfortable sleep.

10. Shun Strenuous Exercises

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If you usually perform strenuous exercises, sports, and other kinds of physical activities, you shouldn’t do it a couple of hours before bedtime. Performing intense workouts will heighten the body’s core temperature, and it will just make you feel active for too long. So, for stomach sleepers, when is the best time to exercise?

Exercises have numerous benefits and are a key component of a healthy lifestyle. Mornings are the most suitable time for workouts. If not possible, exercising can also be done early in the afternoon. This will give the body adequate time to cool down before sleeping.

11. Consider Using Essential Oils

Another hack that can help stomach sleepers is aromatherapy. Aromatherapy makes use of natural extracts from plants and its primary goal is to enhance wellness. It reduces stress and makes one feel calmer.

For stomach sleepers who are busy during the day, aromatherapy is a great practice to add before sleeping. This will not only make you sleep fast, but it will help you feel more rejuvenated upon waking up.

For efficiency, it’s good to utilize essential oils that are relaxing and calming. Some of these are Chamomile, Lavender, Bergamot, Cedarwood, and Clary Sage. There are several ways of using these oils. They can be rubbed in the sides of the pillows, or they can be placed in a diffuser to freshen up the bedroom.

12. Consume Light Food Before Sleeping

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Diet can also deter you from getting better sleep. A lot of energy will be required for the digestion process. This means your body will be busy metabolizing food and will have a hard time shutting off for sleep. Therefore, if you’re a stomach sleeper, consider taking a light meal before sleeping. Aside from getting proper rest fast, sleeping on a full stomach (as a stomach sleeper) can cause health problems. It could lead to indigestion, nausea, and even vomiting.

In Summary

Stomach sleepers form a small percentage of the human population, but they are more prone to sleep problems and a variety of health issues. Aside from an increased risk of neck and back pain, sleeping on your stomach can cause spine alignment issues and breathing problems. In the long run, this may cause serious ailments too.

To bring an end to these health issues and sleeping difficulties stomach sleeper pillows is a great option. This is because it’s specially designed to offer support to the spine and neck. These pillows make the spine aligned to the neck, preventing any discomfort or pain. Again, most of these pillows are made from breathable materials, ensuring a cool and comfortable sleep.

Stomach sleeper pillows aren’t used for the head only. They can be used to lower the pressure on the pelvis and the abdomen too. Luckily, one can use these pillows at home or while traveling too.

It’s worth noting that stomach sleepers don’t just need the right pillow to get good sleep. There are other hacks that can enhance comfort and safety during bedtime. This includes choosing the right mattress to sleep in, using a forehead pillow, stretching before and after sleeping, and many more. The hacks discussed above will surely work wonders!