Stitchers Season 3 Release date: News and Update


Season 2 of the popular drama series Stitchers came to an end on May 24, 2016, and the number of viewers that saw the last episode reflects the success it managed to achieve. Many witnessed its ending, but now they are craving for more, which implies to Season 3. The series’ creator and executive producer is Jeffrey Alan Schechter, but we are still short on any official statements.

Based on that, everyone would love to know whether we could expect next season anytime soon or not. Or should we hope for it to arrive at all?

However, Karey Burke has made it easier for us upon revealing that the third season of the show is in progress. But, to our dismay, no official release date has been given whatsoever.

If we take into consideration all given facts regarding the rating and the enormous success it notched up, Season 3 of Stitchers was in a way expected. Throughout the time, it has gathered lots of fans and show-lovers for which the canceling of the show would cause a bitter disappointment.


Stitchers revolve around Kirsten Clark who is a very successful woman that is working in government. Her job is focused on dealing with crime cases, while everything she is doing is covered by the veil of secrecy. This governmental program she is working for is aiming to get inside the minds of those who have recently died.


The second season of the TV Show was released back on March 22, 2016, on Freeform. It reached 0.433 million viewers and gathered lots of good comments and criticism upon showing. Due to this success, Freeform has decided to continue with the show. As it was already mentioned, we do know that Stitchers Season 3 will come out eventually, but the specific date of the release is still unfortunately left unknown. Having in mind that the show could be arriving soon, stay tuned for further information.